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[REL] Training Gyms Overhaul & Neverlast Gear

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Training Gyms Overhaul Texture Mod by Midnightz


This texture modification is designed for use with GTA: San Andreas on PC. It provides a near-complete interior and exterior make-over of all in-game training gyms. Included is an original new gear brand called, "Neverlast" - a spoof on the popular sporting equipment label, "Everlast." Also included is a karate pedestrian with a different colored ghi to offer some variety. Special care was used to prevent game lag without compromising the quality of textures.





Please rate the mod and video!


Watch Official HD Trailer:





Screenshots & Download Link @GTAGarage



Edit: Check out THIS Muay Thai CJ skin made by Ousvec.

Edited by Midnightz

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His mod offers new models for the exercise equipment while my mod is strictly textures for everything gym related.


EDIT: For those of you who want to use my mod AND his mod, here's the combined and edited texture file (genintint_gym.txd) you need.

user posted image

Download Link: http://www.smallfiles.org/download/140/gen...nt_gym.rar.html



Edited by Midnightz

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That was a cool sh*t, dude! icon14.gif

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