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The LAPD Police Maverick


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Hey San Andreas Fans,


I just played GTA San Andreas (boring) on my xbox 360. Some of you may think now: wtf, on xbox 360 ? Yes. I purchased the GTA Trilogy including GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas for old xbox. The old xbox games are wroking on xbox 360 slim. iam a lucky guy so biggrin.gif With the 1080p HDMI it looks so nice. Now to the Maverick:


i just found the maverick at the Police Department Roof at Los Angeles a.k.a Los Santos. If you stay in front of the building, just look right at the roof, there he is. Sometimes the Maverick is not here. After you saw him, or not, you have to go to the roof. Now the question, how would you do that ? But thats easy. I made some pictures for you. Maybe the maverick is there after you ended the whole storyline, i dont know if the maverick is available before.



First, go to the L.A. Police Department (Los Santos):

you can already see the maverick at the right side.




Now you go to the Freeway behind the Police Department:

you just have to jump from the freeway to the roof.




Now you have the Maverick, if he is not here, try it another time.

You can go in and Fly around San Andreas with him now:





Did you already know that ? Please let me know. If you did not, please let me know too. Do you know any other location where the maverick is available ? Please let me know ^^ If you have questions or problems to find the maverick or anything else, feel free to comment.

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