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Washed out colours on windows


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So i installed gta iv on my new pc after never completing it on my old one.

At first, i had the the problem of not been able to change graphic settings. Going of a youtube video (i'm thinking mistake) I added -norestrictions on a shortcut of LaunchGTAIV.


This solved this issue but after quitting the game all the colours on desktop are washed out. restarting the pc returned the colours to normal. Just played short of 2hrs of the game and quitted to find all desktop colours are washed out again but this time restarting pc and then properly shutting down hasn't solved it.



windows 7 64 bit

i7-2600cpu @ 3.4Ghz

8192MB ram

Geforce GT545


i believe the washed out colours occurs during playing.

Hoping a solution to this problem exists. Never had a game affect all of wondows like this before sad.gif


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