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Correlli Crime Family


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The Correlli Crime Family



The Correlli Family may be new on the mob scene of liberty city, but don't let that fool you. The Correlli Family is a strong family with loyal members and great leaders. At the top of the Correlli Family tree sits the Don, Boss Correlli. Boss Correlli is a man of few words, but when he has to, he can take care of business. Directly below him is the Underboss, Ghost Correlli. He is the man who gets most of the business done for the family. The Correlli's bodyguard/cappo Snake Correlli is the brauns of the family. If a job involves guns or killing, he's the man to do it.






A young man named Drex joined the family, and quickly got acquainted with Ghost and Boss. But this friendship would be short lived as Drex had other plans in mind. He decided he was too good for the family and planned a hit on the Boss. In the middle of their failed attempt to assassinate the Boss, Ghost overheard Drex and his friend talking about how they planned to kill the Boss with an RPG. After hearing this, Ghost grabbed a pump-action shotgun and put three slugs into Drex's friend.

Drex, realizing he had failed, began to run for the door. As he ran, the door was flung open and standing in the doorway was Snake. Snake cocked his Desert Eagle and unloaded one bullet into the upper thigh of Drex, dropping him to the ground. Boss then entered the room with a baseball bat and said, "You rat bastard. We trusted you. We treated you like a brother, and this is the thanks we get?" Drex then muttered, "I still consider you a brother, I just felt i needed to move on. Please spare me." That got the temper of Boss flaring. He lifted the bat above his head and said, "Drex, may your soul burn in hell."

As he said that, he nailed Drex in the head with a bat, knocking out most of his teeth and putting him into a coma. But, after all he went through, Drex survived. He has since then tried to earn his trust back.




Making a name for themselves



The name Ghost didn't come to Ghost Correlli by choice. It was earned. In a meeting with the Campione Family on the beaches of Firefly Island, Ghost sat on the docks with a M40A3 sniper rifle and watched the meeting from afar. As the meeting progressed, arguments began between the leaders of both families. Don Campione pulled out a Glock and pointed it at the head of Boss Correlli. But, before he could pull the trigger, Don Campione was shot in the left lung. As he was on his deathbed, he recieved a note saying: Consider this a warning Mr. Campione. The next time you and your whole famil will suffer for your incompitence. A name was scribbled at the bottom. It read Ghost Correlli.



Their was a man in the family by the name of Snoop. Snoop was a loyal brother until he pulled a MP5K on the Boss. As he did this, Snake put three bullets into his hollow skull. Snoop would return for revenge against Snake. He kidnapped Snake's three year old son. Snake went on the hunt for his son. He recieved word that Snoop was keeping his son at his house in Middle Park. Snoop was setting in his living room eating dinner when he heard a loud bang at his door. He ran to his closet in fear of it being the police. Little did he know that it was Snake, and he was very, very angry. Snake busted the door off it's hinges and tore through the house looking for his son. He found his son in Snoops bedroom, but he wasn't leaving until he had something of value of Snoops. He found Snoop hiding in the closet and tied him to a chair. When Snoop awoke he was screaming for help, but noone would hear him as he was in Snake's basement. Snake grabbed an axe and cut off both of Snoops hands. He then cut Snoops's left achiles tendon, making it impossible for snoop to walk. He then grabbed a vile of snake venom and forced it down Snoop's throat, earning him the name Snake Correlli.





Don: Boss Correlli


Underboss: Ghost Correlli


Cappos: Snake Correlli, mistergames1,


Soldiers: chicken97, flyboy, tyler, Jigga, KOG, and Yoda




If you are intrested in joining this family, message either Boss Correlli or Ghost Correlli.




"I set you as a seal upon my heart, as a seal upon my arm, for there is love as strong as death, jealousy demanding as the grave, and many waters cannot quench this love." Ghost Correlli



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If you wish to run your gang from here all of your members must signup on GTAForums and become active. Also you can't just leave a comment saying "Contact [enter name]". However the choice is all up to you, just trying to help cool.gif

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If you wish to run your gang from here all of your members must signup on GTAForums and become active. Also you can't just leave a comment saying "Contact [enter name]". However the choice is all up to you, just trying to help cool.gif

Head this man's words, or otherwise your topic will be locked. Either get your members to join this forum and actively participate in this topic, or remove any members on your roster who of which do not have accounts here.


You also need to allow members to apply through this topic, and you may not refer them elsewhere to do so (that includes websites, Gamertags and messaging). Look at other gang topics for an idea on what an application form is and how to implement one yourself.

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this story is oddly familiar....



quite similar to the one on the Mancini page.....hmmmmm.....

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drex2 killshot

wow really ghost shot me in the thigh and hit me in the head yo u didnt even have friendly fire on and u guys left 10 seconds after the rocket launcher but yes still tryin to ern trust back


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reminds me of the same story on my page and i also love the fact that you guys still try and annoy me because i had you and the other guys that joined my familey 6 MONTHS ago and you guys make fools out of your selfs every time also funny how you go and send me messages everyday saying hey whats up but anyway alot of people will relize soon enough that you are young kids about 12 or 13 that try and do these little things but good luck icon14.gif

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