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This mission contest is for fun and fun only.

Every DYOM designer/user can join and vote in this contest.


Just read every section and you 'll understand how it works.

I 'll update this topic a lot (if this is going to work out), so please don't double/triple post because your mission isn't in the (upcoming) missions table yet, be patient.

If you've any questions or ideas for this contest, just post in the topic.

Have fun in this contest biggrin.gif




Of course the goal is to design the best mission.

The one who designs the best mission 'll get a special avatar and signature so you can show everyone that you're the winner of this contest.




Before you can make mission for a round, you've to join it.

You have 1 week to join a round of the contest.

But because this is the 1st round, I 'll make it 2 weeks.

You can't join anymore 24 hours after the joining deadline.

No exceptions.


Joining deadline: 10 Febuary 2012


The round 'll start 1 day after the joining deadline.


Contesters of this round:


  • ThaBoY
  • Juan-R
  • -S-hark21
  • NothingSpecial
  • abishai.kochara



There 'll be several round in the contest.

Every round is 2 weeks of designing and 3 days of voting.

You can't join anymore 24 hours after the deadline.

No exceptions.


You can make your mission in every theme you want.

Just keep these things in mind while making a mission for this contest


  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Difficulty
  • Grammar
  • Length
You can submit a mission by posting it in this topic like this



[Mission name][Mission theme][Link to the mission]



Current round: 1



Missions for this round:


None at the moment



Round's deadline:


Round 1 hasn't started yet




After every round there 'll be 3 days of voting.

You can't vote anymore 24 hours after the voting deadline.

If you do vote too late, your vote won't count.

No exceptions.


Voting deadline:


Voting for this round hasn't started yet




These are the rules so far

  • You can't submit more than 3 mission for a round. If you do, then only the last 3 'll count.
  • You can't make a mission pack with more then 8 missions.
  • You can't vote for your own mission.
  • You can't vote/submit a mission/join anymore 24 hours after the deadline
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So let me get this straight. First someone makes an "unofficial DYOM contest" that got deleted, then you want to make another contest, then PatrickW says that you shouldn't do that, and now you made the topic anyway?
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Well, if you wanna see it that way, yes.


But I asked him by PM to let this stay before I made it.

And I explained why I made it.

So I really hope this 'll stay.


It's just a friendly competition.

Just for fun.

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Count me in wink.gif

Thanks for the PM


Edit :


By the way, correct the Grammer, it should be Grammar

Edited by -S-hark21
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Okay, you're in smile.gif


edited it and edited a typo

Edited by ThaBoY
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General Scrotum

Not going to participate, but good luck with it... I guess.

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Okay you're in smile.gif




I already thought that. But I PMed almost everyone.

Except Guib, I didn't even tried that.




Okay then.

You've enough time to change your mind.




So we've 4 contesters soo far.

Anyone else want to join?

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Then you're in smile.gif


that's #5

more people up for it?

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Yes, just single missions.

But you make a mission pack if you want.

But not over 8 missions then.

okay shark?

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Dude... Don't you understand english ?.

I told you you couldn't (on two occasions), and still you go ahead ?


There will be a Official DYOM contest very soon.

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