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GTASA: Check if radar is visible?


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Ugh, I have code that checks if the radar is enabled. But how do I check if the radar is currently visible? sigh.gif


Or is that what this is for?



0xA444A4 - [byte/boolean] Is radar greyed out



Thanks in advance,


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"Greyed out" is actually "shows nothing" in SA, like it shows nothing in interiors (I'm not 100% sure about this one though).


About the radar visible - I think you mean you want to check if the radar is drawn at the moment? Unfortunately, there are many checks for that, so it would need lots of code or little ASM hack. If you want, I can make it.

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Yes, that's exactly what I need. I'm using the compact.exe and my code is a CLEO 3 script. I would love some help, thank you! cookie.gif

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