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Grand Theft Auto : Mafia


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I decided to release it early because this is my 500th post. In this mini mission pack, you will play as Michael George. A guy who lives in Ganton. Also, this mini mission contains 13/14 missions.


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A normal guy, Michael George, is a lazy person. Doesn't have any work and always rest. He live in Ganton, or as we all know, Grove Street. He always helped the Grove to protect his home. Espacially, when they in a gunfight in front of his house.


It was all started like this...


One day, he was watching some TV show. He heard gunshot in front of his house. So, he looks outside using the window. The Grove was in a gunfight in front of his house. What did he do? He helped them but, one of the Mafia saw him.


The Mafia member come to his house. By his boss command, he invited George to join one of his family. George accept it for money.


Now it's your job, to help the Mafia. To become the strongest, to become the powerful, to become the biggest.


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First Trailer :




Second Trailer :




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Name Description
Michael George He is the protagonist. He doesn't have any work like normal people but he knows how to handle gun
Sherman Doyle He is the leader of the Doyle's family house. Want George to join his family
West Jordan One of the Doyle's family house. He is the one who call Sherman about Georgee
Paul Lindsey Sherman right hand man. He is loyal to Sherman.
John Turner He is George old friend. He's the one who teach George how to shoot.
Weber Leonard The leader of the Leonard's family. He's gang usually use shotgun.
Ivan Javier He is the leader of Mannecotti family. A really rich guy.
Taylor (full name unknown) Ivan Javier best shooter. He's the one who make the plan to ambush George

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Download Part 1 [Download]

Download Part 2 [ ]

Download All in one [ ]


New member of Mafia

Our for a drive

Sherman Package

Taking over Leonard

Motel Shootout

Old Friend


Mannecotti Family Takedown


More coming soon...



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• Shark21 - For designing the mission

• Dutchy3010 - For the mods

• PatrickW - For the mods

• Groove Addicts - For the song in the first trailer

• Audiomachine - For the song in the second trailer


-S-hark21 500th post


Shark Production

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Update :


Mission 2 until 7 is uploaded. Added in the main post. One more mission and then the Part 1 will be done.


Next mission : Mannecotti family (80%)

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The story looks good, especially when it's about Mafia. I'll play this and give a feedback after the whole chapter 1 is completed. Don't forget to put them in a zip file. One more, congrats for your 500th post. lol.gif

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Actually, there's no chapter. It's only 13 missions. So, it just have Part 1 and 2. Anyway, thanks for the congratz. lol.gif

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I'll play and give feedbacks. But, I wanna say something else. Read Alucardif's Newbies guide to Gang/Mafia Life before you proceed any further. I don't have the link but you can find it Nitesh's DYOM support mega topic.

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Played part 1.

They are a good missions. I loved the shootout in the underground factory. Good combination of skins and actors. biggrin.gif


But, there are something that can be improved:

Yeah, you know, this is mafia theme. But, it looks like a gangster theme in some parts. The conversation, the recruiting, you must make it like a mafia style. It's not too easy too chat with the don like that. The don is the most respected person in a mafia world. But, it's okay. Nevermind. You can make the conversation better after this. Yes, just want to say that a mafia is very different from a gangster.


Btw, nice story. You should keep the good work. biggrin.gif

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Thanks Arejai, definitely gonna improve from your feedback. I just found out about alucardiff guide to make a Mafia mission pack. Thanks again for playing. biggrin.gif
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