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Air Flight

Team Maori

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"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." - Leonardo da Vinci.


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Team Maori presents to you, the first ever flight simulation project for DYOM, titled "Air Flight".


Air Flight will collaborate with such real-life mechanics and techniques, brought to DYOM, that'll add such realistic perspectives as in real-life aviation, giving the game a realistic feel, as if you were to take control of an aircraft in real-life.


Air Flight will add the physics of real-life aviation, including taxi to the runway, air traffic control (ATC) communication, automatic terminal information service (ATIS) communication, and much, much more.


The realism of Air Flight will be "out of this world" as it will incorporate such features from the well-known simulation video game, Flight Simulator X. Each and every flight will feature much detail, including traffic, weather and more that was stated earlier and later on in the topic.


Air Flight will take you, the player, as a commercial airliner pilot, flying in different aircraft, from the Dodo to the AT-400, and much more aircrafts. For every plane will be a different route, from long distance to short, regional flights.


Air Flight will be taken with time, creating each mission as a flight with time and precision. Now, the designing process of Air Flight will arrive with some problems, the major problem being that the route points added for AI aircraft will not be too accurate, in terms of taxiing and landing, but I will work as hard as I can to get around those problems.


With the time taken into this project, Air Flight will most likely only provide 1 or 2 new flight missions a week, but that itself is an estimate quote. As I get deeper into the project, statistics and quotes will become more accurate.


I hope that Air Flight will incorporate the realism of giving you a dynamic perspective into feeling like a real-life pilot. And for those of you that would just like to try this unique DYOM project, I hope you have fun playing Air Flight, and please, to help me with future projects, post your feedback, positive or negative.

Have fun!


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• Air Traffic Control (ATC) communication; ATC gives you the clearance to taxi, take-off, land, and navigational instructions.


• Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) communication; ATIS gives you a detailed report of the weather conditions.


• Traffic; Traffic is the other aircraft and airport personnel. They also use the runways and taxiways. ATC is responsible for guiding you safely away from other traffic to avoid serious collisions or problems.


• Checklists; To ensure that everything is safely checked pre, mid and post flight.


• Weather; Each and every flight will have various types of weather.


• VFR and IFR flights; IFR flights means you have to control the plane manually, and navigate by yourself where you are going. IFR means that you'll have assistance with your flights from the instruments, including navigation and landing.


• Crash and emergency landings; Not every flight will be a safe flight. Different situations will call for different decisions, including crash and emergency landings.


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• Official 'Air Flight' topic was started.


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Flight 01: (W.I.P)


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• Dutchy3010 - For making the DYOM modification.

• PatrickW - For making the DYOM modification.

• Team Maori - For making this topic and the 'Air Flight' project.

• To everyone who plays Air Flight and posts feedback.


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Thank you for the feedback. smile.gif

The first flight mission is in development and should be released within the next few days.

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