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Cleo Key Opconde


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i have a problem with cleo for VC,

actually cleo key opcode is not working!


05EE:  key_pressed 0x20  //VK_...


thats why it is hard to make my pending mods.

after trying some hex editing with the .cs file,

it is now working like this


HEX            key------------------27             '2C             ,2D             -2E             .2F             /30             031             132             233             334             435             536             637             738             839             93B           ;3D             =41             A42             B43             C44             D45             E46             F47             G48             H49             I4A             J4B             K4C             L4D             M4E             N4F             O50             P51             Q52             R53             S54             T55             U56             V57             W58             X59             Y5A             Z5B             [5C             \5D             ]60             `


is there any requirement of cleo accept VC


can you help me ???

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Uhh, those all look right to me...


Are you sure you're using the opcode right? That's the correct hex value, but you're supposed to use the decimal value as defined in CLEO 3 Code Library > Virtual Key Codes. So the letter A, although 41 in hex, is 65 as a decimal. You would use 0x65 to check if "a" was pressed.


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i am not a tiny tot,

let me give you example for a cleo


{$VERSION 2.1.1000}{$CLEO .cs}//-------------MAIN---------------thread 'HUNTER' :HUNTER_10wait 0 if 05EE:  key_pressed 16 or 0x10 else_jump @HUNTER_10 if 00E0:   player $PLAYER_CHAR driving else_jump @HUNTER_123 03C1: 0@ = player $PLAYER_CHAR car 0407: create_coordinate 1@ 2@ 3@ from_car 0@ offset 0.0 0.0 50.0 012A: put_player $PLAYER_CHAR at 1@ 2@ 3@ and_remove_from_car 4@ = Car.Angle(0@)Car.Destroy(0@)Car.RemoveReferences(0@)jump @HUNTER_160 :HUNTER_12304C4: create_coordinate 1@ 2@ 3@ from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR offset 0.0 0.0 50.0 0170: 4@ = player $PLAYER_CHAR z_angle :HUNTER_160Model.Load(#HUNTER)038B: load_requested_models :HUNTER_167wait 0 if   Model.Available(#HUNTER)else_jump @HUNTER_167 0@ = Car.Create(#HUNTER, 1@, 2@, 3@)0369: put_player $PLAYER_CHAR in_car 0@ 04BA: set_car 0@ speed_instantly 0.0 Car.Angle(0@) = [email protected](0@)wait 1000 jump @HUNTER_10 



according to the script,

i should get in a hunter when i press 'shift',

but nothing happens,

i need a solution as soon as possible,

my "Phone call system" is pending because of this,



it also not working when i write some hex value like

2E (delete), 2D (insert), in sanny builder or during hex editing,

Edited by Ashwin the new boy
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To use the "Shift key" in CLEO just write:



1:wait 0if0AB0:  key_pressed 0x10 (I used HEX, if you were using DECIMAL it would be 16x0)jf @1//Do sh*t!



I can't understand why using easy opcodes is so hard for people.



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I never could put Vice City CLEO KEY_PRESSED to work too.

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what you want to say ?



yes, now i understand why some people have problems with my cheat code Mod,

they are suffering from this one,

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i noticed today that the size of my cleo.asi is 13.0 kb,

so i download a new cleo for VC from somewhere else

& this one have the size of 134 kb,

cleo key opcode is working with this one,

all Thanks to Almost610,

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