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hello .. i need help .i have just an idiot problem . when i open the handling.dat with notepad (even word office or wordpad) i see only codes like this SDFA \-/Ι=¨]^?i•θv ΒOZ79I‹Mΰξζl--¨!ηoΝ"rξ‡>"L...e0QLQvFώςΆ`ήx†„yOοuΣ7 ΰrk;] Ώ...f‚Iδ,ΊΌIγΤBh=£: ξ&°θw&σ'JΈαoΙ$ΊΘ?KΖK.τδ|ς΅ΪΣω„B¥?i•ΩαίζάζΎό"...S1Λκ'ό­L'΅Qu$@χ 6v«‡τρkGfΔebλσmΚΪx•Υ@ζΒHq]χδ*i" ¦ΑΆ†§SΔμMδ

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how to unlock this file?

I used IV.FileUnlocker, created a folder called SdfaDump. When I use a program to modify the values ​​of the cars do not seem to take place in the game.

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