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Winter release competition


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Some people think V is going to release some time this winter.

I have no idea about the release date I don't even have an opinion anymore.

But would it really be smart for RockStar to do this? They are going to face heavy competition.

Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, and the next Call Of Duty all release this coming winter.

I don't doubt V has the ability to compete with these titles, but why would RockStar wantto even get mixed up in that whole thing. All it could do is hurt sales, not help them.

So I guess after writing this I've got an opinion back and I think thr best time for V to be released (financially) would be June - August. To avoid confrontation with these other large titles.



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Dude, with all due respect, we're talking about Grand Theft Auto, there is no competition when it comes to this game.


R* doesn't have to worry about that, the other companies have to though.

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Understand GTA is huge, but so is Halo & Resident Evil.

I'm sure a lot of people if they needed to choose, would choose Halo or RE over GTA because

That's just there preference. So if the game released in the Summer there would be no decision

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I guess its a matter of taste then, because RE is sort of a linear terror game and Halo is a linear action game.


Although i agree with you, i'd rather have rockstar release the game on September or October, that way everyone buys the game.

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I personally thought that an early-Summer release would have been optimal (I don't think there are many big-name titles that are coming out around May-July), but it's their decision.

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I don't even think gta 5 will be finished by winter, especially with rockstar being perfectionists i wouldn't be surprised if it was a 2013 release, and in my opinion the longer rockstar takes to finish gta the better, just shows how much effort they put in to create a game like gta. i bet the devs for halo, call of duty, and the other games are sh*tting themselves ever since the gta trailer was released.

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