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The Splinter Cell


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Greeting everyone. This time I'm going to review a mission named The Beginning by ThaBoy. This is the 1st mission of his mission series called The Splinter Cell.


Here's the official page:  http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=499523



Let's get going to the review:


Writing (Very Good) There are a 2 typing mistakes found. Both of them is writen 'you' instead of 'your'. You gotta check this twice, ThaBoy. Otherwise, very good. Nice used of words.


Presentation (Very Good) All of the cutscenes is well accurated. The information in the cutscenes is very useful for a players as it contain a tips.


Length (Excellent) It can be done in 10 - 12 minutes. This mission consists of driving and get to the checkpoint in stealth mode.


Difficulty (Hard) We'll role as Sam Fisher, known as Splinter Cell, must get to the warehouse that full of guards outside. As a stealth mission, we're given a knife and silenced while the enemies have a different types of weapon. They have a high accuracy that may kill us in no time without a covering. So, we need to plan our strategy and learn their movement.


Variety (Very Good) There are plenty kind of weapons and actors used in this mission. The objects used are same; that is crates.



Overall, this mission is good for someone who loved a stealth mission. The enemies' routes are pretty hard to learn since they have a lot of guards guarding the warehouse. It may buy us a lot of times to determine our next step. Besides, a crates is placed correctly for us to hide from the sight of the enemies. Good job, ThaBoy. Last words, nice mission, keep it up, and don't give up. biggrin.gif


Rating: 9.2/10


By Arejai.


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Sam Fisher is retired from his job, being a Splinter Cell.

But when he is enjoying his vacation in San Andreas, Dr. Grimsdottir called him.

She has a job and Sam is the only person good enough for it. Sam accepts the job under one condition: This is the last time.

He has to find and interrogate a man called Kobin. Kobin says it's way bigger than Sarah. The President of Georgia, Nikoladze, declared war to the U.S. He wants to release a virus called ND133 in America with the help of Suhadi Sadono. And then there's still the JBA, a terrorist group that is very active recently. The only way to stop them is to win their trust. The fate of America lies in your hands. You are the Splinter Cell…


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Character Description
Samuel "Sam" Fisher He is a veteran of the U.S.

Navy's SEAL Team, the JSOC's DevGRU, and the CIA's Special Activities Division.

Colonel Irving Lambert Irving Lambert is the leader of the Black Arrow's team, and thus Sam Fisher's "handler".

He is also the man who spearheaded Black Arrow's infamous "Splinter Cell" program.

Anna "Grim" Grimsdóttír A

nna Grimsdóttír (known as 'Grim' to her friends) is the technical operations manager at Black Arrow, a skilled hacker. Her role is to provide Sam Fisher with technical support in the field, as well as to analyze and interpret much of the electronic data.

Andriy Kobin Drug runner, arms dealer.Andriy Kobin built a notorious reputation for himself and remains feared in various criminal underworlds
President Caldwell President Caldwell is instated as the first female president of the United States.
President Nikoladze The Georgian president who declared war to the U.S.
Suhadi Sadono An Indonisian guerilla leader. He works together with Nikoadze.
Soth Sadono's right hand. He executes Americans for fun.
More characters to come



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Note: There's a tiny little mod that makes these missions even more fun. It's called "Mark And Execute". It allows you to mark enemies with "M" and kill them with "N". Something Doublepulse noticed though, the enemies 'll start shooting at you when you mark them. So use this mod with care.


Mark And Execute mod by -ATP-



Chapter 1


1. The Beginning

2. We don't know, you're alone

3. Finding Kobin

4. Getting Closer

5. A Trap


Chapter 2


1. A New Mission

2. Important Documents

3.Document Hunt

4. ND133


user posted image

  • Arejai - for the reviews
  • -ATP- for the Mark And Execute
  • Narcis_speed6 - for the headers and the logo icon14.gif
  • Ubisoft - for the great game and the characters
  • Doublepulse - for doing to this MP together and making it awesome with your great ideas. Thanks man smile.gif


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Wow, I'm shocked with the logo and headers. Too nice and great.

And yes, just like you, I loved the splinter cell too. Hope it's great to play.

But, did you want to make it as exactly as the original game?

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I was thinking about that but I'm not doing that.

I want it like The Splinter Cell but almost a whole new story.

Edited by ThaBoY
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I was thinking about that but I'm not doing that.

I want it like The Splinter Cell but almost a whole new story.

It'll be great if you make a new story. Btw, good luck with this project.

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I will be curious how well you are going to pull this off man. I don't if you heard that Nitesh and I are working on a mini series soon called "In the Lion's Den" (Not trying to advertise lol tounge.gif). Well that is also taking stealth elements and going to be a little like Splinter Cell.


If you create your missions before me, I will be definitely be using this mission pack as a good example for mine, if you use the stealth features well. smile.gif I wish you luck. I am not even done with my first mission for my series and I am already having a lot of trouble making the mission fit my intentions.


In San Andreas, you have only 4 not very good stealth features:

1. Knife (Probably the best out of the four)

2. Silence Pistol (Pretty helpful when people keep the actor health realistic)

3. Patrol Routes ( If you do route points in good locations like hallways and in not complete open spaces, it can work, takes a lot of practice getting it right)

4. Dark locations ( In certain interiors, mainly Madd Doggs, you have those dark spaces that can hide you. You can tell if you are in one if you hear CJ breathing really heavy)


I know I missed thermal and night vision, I just do not know how effective they are in DYOM yet. We do not have many tools to use and I learned the more unique I tried to be with stealth, the more frustration I had with getting right . If you keep it simple by using knife kills and some Silence Pistols and keeping your intentions simple with each mission, you are more likely to succeed, like if you want the player to only focus on the knife, create the mission that encourages the knife, if it is Silence pistol, create it so it encourages that. I will give you my suggestions on what I did to improve stealth missions, that troubled me so much. Maybe you can do them better.


My first thing I did was, because of having pickups be at 9999 ammo, I wanted to limit the player with silence pistol. So 90% of the enemy actors carried silenced pistols with 100 percent accuracy. Some enemies carried UZI or Deagle to give the player a challenge if he got spotted, but also might give a choice to either use stealth or action. There were also no health/armor pickups at all.


I soon learned that most of the enemies carrying the pistols and there was no "disable enemy pickups" objective, it still made getting the silence pistol really easy..I did not always like having the enemy being at 2000 hp with no headshots because lack of realism. So What I did was create a little luck have the hp be around 100-500 and pick some actors without headshots and some with. That way the player will have to decide if he really wants to take a chance at shooting.


You could also have a part where the player starts with no weapons and he must observe route points to avoid being seen. I have tried that, it makes the mission a little harder, but choosing the right environment to create it in is even harder!

I am not trying to discourage you from being unique, but helping you avoid the same problems I ran into. I ran into those problems when I tried putting all of those features listed above in one mission. Only use 1-2 per mission. All of those things work well in one "stage" of SC, but not SA. biggrin.gif


Another good suggestion I have not tried, is maybe have a mission where you can make use of objects (planks,crates, fences) where the player can get above the enemies.


I am only giving you these suggestions early, so you can implement them in your missions smile.gif. I wish you good luck man.

Edited by Doublepulse
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Thanks Doublepulse smile.gif

I 'll try to follow your suggestions icon14.gif


But I've found something for "too much stealth" cool.gif


In the original games, 1 missions is in let's say between 5 and 10 parts.

So I give you a mission in the begin, like take out that guy.

Then you have too locate him, infiltrate the mansion, get past the guards, interrogate him, and take 'em out.

So instead of putting it in one mission, I 'll put that in 4 or 5 missions so every part (locate, infiltrate, etc.) is another mission. So you can't shoot whole the time, you can't use your knife whole the time and you can't study routes the whole time.

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Here's the 1st mission of the Splinter Cell.




I tried to follow doublepulse's advise, so only use your gun if it's necessary.

The other things are explained in the mission.


Good Luck

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Nice mission, nice introduction. It's pretty hard to pass, and I took like 8 - 10 minutes to beat this. Almost died when I got noticed. biggrin.gif But, I wonder why you used the 'black-and-white' weather for this mission. It's a part of it?

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Thanks Arejai biggrin.gif


Yes the "black and white" weather is part of it.


I used SWAT skin and it'd be weird to see a SWAT member as secret agent.

It really fits the theme and to keep the shadow.

Cuz it takes some time to complete it (until noon or something) and a stealth mission at noon in the sun'd be weird lol.gif

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Played the first mission. Failed a couple of times and then passed it. You could've added rainy weather instead of that strange black and white weather.

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It's a bit hard but did you like it?


I could use rain but I just like that weird weather cuz you don't see it in normal gameplay. biggrin.gif

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Glad you liked it biggrin.gif


Edit :


W8 a sec.

What do you mean with missions?

There's only mission confused.gif

Edited by ThaBoY
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Glad you liked it biggrin.gif


Edit :


W8 a sec.

What do you mean with mission?

There's only mission confused.gif

He tought your mission and missions which you will make. biggrin.gif

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I played the first mission and here's my feedback


1. I don't really like the weather, it doesn't fit the situation.

2. The accuracy, the enemy accuracy is 100. If they saw us, they will shot us and they won't miss a shot.

3. The routes, the objects blocking them so, they also stay at the same place.

4. The guards are well place. I really like it. Just don't make to many guards in one place. Just make it like two.


Rating 4/5


Edit : Edited the BBcodes

Edited by -S-hark21
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Played the mission, here are my thoughts:


The weather. It wasn't really meant for the situation.

Difficulty. It took me some time to learn the routes & stuff. It was sort of easy. But when one of them saw me, I almost died. Which made me really think of what my next moves were gonna be.

Nice use of dialog. The cutscene angles were amazing.

Enemy placement. Most of them were not all in one place. Which made me look at all directions before I shot.


Overall rating: 9.5/10

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Why are you guys all against the "black and white" weather.

It's just to keep the shadow and darkness. whatsthat.gif



I gave 100 accuracy to force the player to hide and think about their next move or attack.

Thanks smile.gif , I really thought about the place of every actor.



Like I said before, the accuracy was to force the player to hide and plan everything.

Thanks for the compliments smile.gif .I really like the 1st 4 cutscenes (Where Lambert shot the guy without a reason).




Looks like this mission is better then I thought biggrin.gif

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Here's the 2nd mission of The Splinter Cell.


We don't know, you're alone


It think the previous one was better.

Because it has more cutscenes and stuff.

But there's nothing to say about it.


So play and have fun.

Feedback 'd also be appreciated.


Good Luck


There's a little SA bug in it.

You can't just walk on the stairs.

You need to jump before you can walk on it

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So I played both missions, and I thought both of them were pretty good.


-I don't really have a problem with the 100 percent accuracy (most of the time), but I don't really know if M4 is really a good choice of weapon to use. The distance is pretty large and the enemy can see you from farther away I think.You could use a variety of different weapons.


-Great use of objects in both missions, I took your idea of the crates, the enemies standing still give you a hint that it could be a time to use your guns.


-I would like to see how interesting it is if you placed the silence pistol else where, so the player can find it. If the player starts with just a knife, and other interesting equipment is scattered throughout the map. It would feel rewarding if the player found it. I would only recommend putting "Stealth" Equipment (Knife, Silence pistol, Thermal or NV Goggles) for the player to find though.


-As for the weather in the first mission, I am neutral.. I could care less about the weather, it was interesting, even though I do not think it fit.


-While I like the idea you are placing 1 area in multiple parts, you could of actually fit both of those missions to one mission. smile.gif. It would be like Part 2 of the same mission. At the end of the missions though, you should close it with a cutscene saying "To be continued.." Sometimes it feels weird just letting the mission hang, but it is up to you.


Overall, I like where this is going. I liked the second mission better, strangely because I was impressed how long the mission took with just 7 objectives and because it felt flexible with knife and shooting, I could do either of them. biggrin.gif



Mission 1: 9.0/10

Mission 2: 9.2/10

Edited by Doublepulse
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Thanks for your feedback Doublepulse biggrin.gif

Really apreciate it.


- I took the M4 just because actors use it very good. But I was thinking about more weapons too. So I 'll add it in the next mission.


- thanks, it was hard to place all of the crates perfectly but it seems that it worked out smile.gif


- That's a very nice idea. I think I 'll add that if Sam gets a new mission. I already know a perfect place for it.


- I still don't understand what's wrong with that weather. It's just to keep the shadows.


- I was just browsing for the perfect interior for that mission. But there wasn't a good one so I just made one by myself smile.gif


- Here you wrong. If you look at the mission statics at dyom site. Then you 'll see that both of them have 100 objects. So I can't put them in 1 mission.


- I don't really care that there isn't a last sentence saying that. But cuz all your advise was good, I 'll do it in the next missions.



Glad you liked my missions.

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- I still don't understand what's wrong with that weather. It's just to keep the shadow.

Yea, I know why you put it. I will have to take a look again to see how well it looks. The shadows are there, looks more like for cosmetic, but after playing it, I was also trying to see if they created shadows in the interiors. I can see it really did what it was suppose to in the second mission because that interior is originally really bright!


What was the weather and time settings you set for that mission?


I know it is easy creating just the regular "shadows" like you did, but I found it difficult trying to create the "stealth shadow". The shadow that is used in stealth missions where NPCs cannot see you. You know you are in one of those shadows if you hear CJ breathing really deep.



When I was designing my mission, I seem to notice those "stealth shadows" were only really available at certain times in the interiors.. So I would use 8:00 to try an create that shadow.. problem is it was in broad daylight.


Ahh I do not even know if I am making sense anymore myself..haha!

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I used the "black and white" weather.

And 11:00 as the time for the mission.


But I don't think you can create the stealth shadow by yourself.

It ssomething for madd dogg's cuz of "The Rhyme Book" mission.


But it 'd be great if we could use that as object.

And you can make it bigger and smaller like checkpoints.

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I have played the second mission and here's my feedback.


1. The weather. I already say it on the previous post.


2. Why there's explosive barrel? I thought it was silenced situation? Just curious.


3. You forgot to hide the Splinter Cell, after being teleported. wink.gif


4. Now, you can kill the enemy easily. Because they have a little health and much low accuracy. I think it's 50 right?


5. Good job replacing the object. I really like it.


Rating : 9/10

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How can you even think about the weather if you're in an interior? And do you know how bright that interior is with with other types of weather?


2. The barrels are there like in the "The Splinter Cell Conviction". There are traps to take out multiple enemies, in SA we only have the barrels and that rocket to blow up. And I just like blowing things up.


3. I know, but I thought nobody 'd notice blush.gif


4. nope. Like in the previous mission, they have 500 health and 100 accuracy. Except the ones near explosives.


5. Thanks, I like it too biggrin.gif

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Here's the 3rd mission of The Splinter Cell.


Finding Kobin


Please forget everything I said about stealth in the previous missions.

This time you're on your own.

You have to find out if you need stealth or action with an SMG monocle.gif


Continue your mission agent

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Well, i had a lot of expectations on these missions pal but you've made minor mistakes which decrease the entertainment factor,

anyways awesome missions and good job,

you probably did a lot of hard work, some of which was unnecessary or could be replaced.

Good use of the objects and areas, good areas you've chosen for the missions! They really suit the theme.

The missions can be improved and they're hardcore missions which will take you a lot of time to complete. In the missions,

the weather really annoyed me and then, the gaurds, they should have had route points and less accuracies or should've been less in number. They should've been placed at long distances and the number of those guys in groups should've been less. The headshots where off which cut down the realism factor and seeing the number of enemies I was really terrified! The accuracies are not a problem but the health is. Also keep in mind that the missions you're making are stealth missions not shootouts. In the splinter cell games and in stealth games as well, the gaurds are at specific spots and patrols with the workers or henchmen chatting in some corners, thats where the stealth is! Killing the gaurds and sneaking in without being noticed. Your missions don't give people a chance to use stealth seeing the number of people and at the distances they are placed. Try to stick more to stealth next time and don't place an army of enemies at a spot, an army of enemies at spot and a gaurd who's patrolling are the difference between stealth and action. Good missions overall but you should keep these points in mind. Good job and good work! Waiting for the next missions and hoping that they'll be improved!

Good work and good luck!

Edited by abishai.kochara
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Thanks AK.

I assume that you're mostly talking about mission 1.

Well in mission 1, You should go around the back of that factory/warehouse/or whatever it is. It's not very clear but I thought it was understandable.

Then there're less guards shooting at you than in front of the factory.


I still don't understand what's wrong with the weather....

It's the best weather to create shadows, so.....


In mission 3 there's a big shootout. It wasn't supposed to be like that, but actors didn't follow their routes, they started to shoot immediately. I don't know why....

But it's a nice mission so I just let it be like that.


Thanks for your feedback and I 'll try to improve it colgate.gif

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