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GTA 4 doesnt work


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i just bought a gta 4 dvd and when i installed it,everyhting went on fine..now after installation when i opened rgsc and clicked on play after skipping login the following error message flashes ::


Application failed to launch.

The application you are attempting to launch no longer exists. Please reinstall the application, or contact support at:



i have reinstalled it for around 5 times but the same message keeps appearing.. plzz tell me what to do to make this work.. !!

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my pc specs are..

processor - i5-2450m @ 2.5ghz

4 gb ram ddr3

1 gb ati graphics card


i dun think i am lagging on specifications..!


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Something doesn't add up about that topic you posted, as in the topic you posted screenshots of totally different specs than the ones you posted in your sig...so, according to the topic you posted, it looks like you have a lower end system than I do, cause those screen shots say you have a Intel Pentium processor and a ATI 4350 video card and it looks like you have Windows XP in that topic, but you posted you have Windows 7 in your sig.-lol lol.giftounge2.gif


But, OT- @OP, what is the exact model video card, as not all video cards are the same, and there are so many ATI cards?

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