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4GB Patch on GTA4 exe


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I came across this little program today which is supposed to patch an exe file to allow it to use upto 4GB of RAM.



I tried this on GTA4 and I swear I was getting a few extra FPS when using those performance hungry ENB mods.


Has anyone tested trying this with GTA4 to see if it really does improve performance a bit?

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The application can handle addresses larger than 2 GB.

What this does on 64 bit systems it allows the application to address up to 4GB RAM. What is questionable is how will certain applications handle the extra RAM, if R* wanted to do something in that department they would have probably provided a 64 bit version exe, something a game like this would get significant benefits from. Alas, they could have prevented the memory leaks in the first place.


Anyway, you'll need to run some benchmarks to see if you get any performance increase which in turn will probably be very system dependant.

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GTA 4 is already large address aware. It says on the box "optimized for 64 bit", well that is what it means. Using the commandline -reservedapp 0 does the same thing. It makes a big difference for my system, but not much positive feedback on whether it works in general.

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I tried this patch and it barely made a difference.


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