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GTA 3 and Vice City coming to the PSN.


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Please move this if this is not where it belongs. I feel like it deserved more attention than in the PS3 topic.


I need to get myself a PS3 again!



The ESRB has rated crime epics Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City for the PlayStation 3. Considering the blockbuster third entry in the series is available on iOS and Android, word of it coming to the PS3 isn't the craziest news we've heard about the classic title in recent memory.


The third entry in the GTA3 series, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, still doesn't have a PS3 listing from the ESRB, so we aren't sure if it's just cruisin' in later for a drive-by or part of what's likely Rockstar adding the two other games to PSN for digital distribution. Of course, if you own a first-gen PS3, your system is backwards-compatible and should have no issue playing the original PlayStation 2 discs (chances are you already own them).


Source: Joystiq

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