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1st mission is frustrating


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When I get to the club, I go to the dance floor


I don't want to do the bus stop and I don't want to mess the dance up with the girl so she breaks free


At the start I try and mess up on purpose and once we go to slow grind I dance perfectly


But I still get the damn bus stop, even though I messed up at start


Getting frustrating, I just wanna f*ck her in the toilet already lol


Also does the dancing count as a cutscene or is it part of the 4min time limit for mission


I want 100% so if it part of the 4 min, I might just forget it and have a drink at the bar instead lol

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The mission doesn't require you to dance or do anything particularly while you "hang out" in the club. You can do whatever you want until you get called out front. Not sure if dancing counts against the time limit but Tony calls pretty soon so I just have a drink and look around. You can come back between missions and work on the dancing.

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If you try to leave the club it will go to the cut scene you see after tony calls you. So you can leave any time.

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Well if you really want to do her exactly at that time you can simply have 1 shot and then try the dance.I'm not sure if it will work,but try it anyway.

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like the others say, you can just turn around and leave and get a and h to take them home. it reduces your time anyway

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I completed it all now, I decided not to bother with the target scores to get 100% for each mission


I finally got 100% on Practice Swing and was trying to do Kibbutz no 1


I had perfected everything, quickdraw, under the time limit, headshot bang bang bang


But I gave up because I kept getting too much boat damage, even though I destroyed the boats a fast as humanly possible wasted no sticky bombs


So I just thought f*ck this


Reloaded a new game and played for fun instead biggrin.gif



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