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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Broker Bleeder


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The Broker Bleeder is the 3rd DLC for GTA IV. The story takes place immediately after the final events of GTA IV and the first two episodes meaning that there are no events that were witnessed during the first three games but events from the first three games influence events in TBB and some characters make a return. For the purpose of this story i made the Revenge ending canon because I want Roman to make a return. The game follows former Middleweight top contender Willy Baker and picks up shortly after he returns from a 5 year prison sentence he served after being charged with manslaughter while driving drunk in Los Santos. The main story revolves around Willy trying to regain his once stellar reputation in Broker and escape the ghosts of his past and put them to rest.



New Locations


Glass Jaw Boxing Gym




The Gym owned by Mick Jones. Willy discovered this gym at a young age and trained in boxing there since he was young. Becoming one of the top Middleweights in the world. The gym is located in a building that says "For rent" in the original game and features two boxing rings and workout equipment on the main floor and on the second floor is where Mick's office and mission pickup is located.


Willy's Apartment




Your safehouse in TBB. Located just up the street from the gym and right next to an alleyway. It is located in a white 2 story building and is accessed through a doorway on the front of the building near the alleyway. The apartment is on the second floor and is similar to Roman's apartment in style and layout. You save the game on the couch in the living room and you can watch TV in the living room as well. You change clothes at the dresser next to the couch. The safehouse features a parking space out front that can store 2 vehicles.







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Willy Baker was born and raised in Broker, LC. Times were tough for Willy growing up. His family never had much money and he was a small guy who got picked on constantly at school. He joined a local boxing club when he was 10 so he can let out some steam and protect himself from the larger bullies at school. He showed promise early on with his quickness on his feet and his unmatched aggression in the ring so the owner of the gym took Willy under his wing and trained him to be a champion. Willy won his first professional fight at the age of 19 and didn't look back from there. He compiled a 34-1 professional record by his 25th birthday and received a shot at the Middleweight world title to be fought in Los Santos. But when Willy arrived in Los Santos for the fight he received terrible news. His girlfriend of 2 years was raped and murdered back in LC while he was on the plane. This sent Willy into a rage that he couldn't quell on his own. He headed to a local bar and started to drink away his sorrows. Before he knew it he was too drunk to think for himslef and he stole a car from the parking lot. He drove for a little while and ran over a man crossing the street killing him instantly. Willy spent 5 years in prison for the ordeal and lost all credibility he had back home. As well as most of his money due to legal fees and the loss of sponsorships and endorsements. He returned to Liberty after his time inside trying to set his life straight and once again reclaim his reputation.






#Mission NameGiver1A Day In The LifeAutostart2Stepping Stone Mick Jones3Arms Race Mick Jones4The Hove Beach Conspiracy Mick Jones5Hot In BohanBrent Selly


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Willy Baker


The 30 year old main Protagonist. A former Middleweight boxer who quickly rose through the ranks and once had a shot at the world title. But when he arrived in Los Santos for the fight he learned that his Girlfriend had been killed back in Liberty City and went to drink it away. In his drunken stupor he stole a car and ran over and killed a man. He served 5 years in San Andreas state prison and was recently released on good behavior. He earned the nickname "The Broker Bleeder" during his only career loss when he took a lucky jab to the nose in a fight he was dominating. The blood loss was enough to make the ref stop the fight and the nickname stuck with him.


LCPD Database record


Surname: Baker


First Name: William


Alias(s): Willy, The Broker Bleeder


Place Of Birth: Broker, Liberty City


Affiliations: Fiercely loyal to local boxing trainer Mick Jones, No known ties to criminal underworld.


Criminal Record: 2000-Petty Theft, 2003-Voluntary Manslaughter


Notes: Recently released from San Andreas state prison.





Willy is a usually quiet man but has a quick temper and does not tolerate people who insist on getting too personal and invade his personal space. He has not had a girlfriend since his release from prison because of the guilt he feels over her death. He also feels regret over his decision that lead to his arrest and incarceration and is secretly a very depressed man. So if you ever drive drunk with Willy he will talk about how he knows its a bad idea but he will do it any way because he has no other reason to live. He is willing to kill in cold blood because he feels he is already headed down the wrong road.


Mick Jones


the 61 year old owner and operator of Glass Jaw gym in Broker. He named the gym that because of the nickname he gained during his boxing career and guards it with his life. He discovered Willy's potential at a very young age and trained him for almost a decade before he entered him into the pro boxing circuit. His gym has fallen on some hard times since Willy went to prison and was almost closed down because he couldn't pay the bills. To remedy this problem he went to the Ancelotti family for money. A fact he keeps secret from Willy and everyone else close to him.


LCPD Database Record


Surname: Jones


First Name: Michael


Alias(s): Mick


Place of Birth: Broker, Liberty City


Affiliations: Rumored to have dealt with the Ancelotti family recently.


Criminal record: 1967-Assault & Battery, 1995-Drunk Driving


Notes: Owns Glass Jaw boxing Gym in Broker.




A loud and obnoxious man at times Willy is not afraid to speak his mind and that has gotten him into some trouble over the years. He is very proud of his gym and of Willy's accomplishments but feels disappointed that Willy messed up his shot at the title but feels pity for him for losing his girlfriend. He has too much pride to admit that he went to the mob for money to support his gym and to keep it above water so he keeps it a secret from Willy and the other people in his life. Like Willy he too has a quick temper and can go off sometimes without warning.


Brent Selly


A childhood friend of Willy's. They grew up together and he too was bullied by the same kids that terrorized Willy when they were children. He too joined Mick's boxing gym but unlike Willy he didn't show any natural promise in the sport. With boxing a non option Brent became a petty criminal. He quickly racked up a respectable record for a juvenile and his crime spree didn't end when he turned 18 either. He continued to commit petty crimes and the law eventually caught up with him when he stole a sports car in Algonquin. He spent 4 year upstate and returned a few years ago. He hasn't been able to steady his life ever since he got out of prison and has been living in a rundown apartment in Cerveza heights.


LCPD Database Record


Surname: Selly


First Name: Brent


Alias(s): N/A


Place of Birth: Broker, Liberty City


Affiliations: Known to hang out with local petty criminals.


Criminal Record: 1998-Misdemeanor Marijuana possession, 1999-Petty Theft, 2001-Grand Theft Auto


Notes: Spent 4 years in prison for Grand Theft Auto. Has remained low profile since leaving prison but is still rumored to be involved with underground crime.




A big headed loud mouth who almost takes nothing seriously. He believes that the streets of Liberty City are his and that he has a right to take anything he wants and kill anyone who gets in his way. He has never killed a man before but acts like it and tells fantastic stories that Willy never believes replying with lines like "So thats how it went" and "I think i remember it a little differently bro" but Brent insists that he tells the truth all the time. He has also never been able to hold a steady girlfriend and frequently visits the triangle club.



user posted image


A few vehicles are introduced in The Broker Bleeder. All vehicles from GTA IV and the first two episodes are present and have the same model since the game picks up immediately after GTA IV. The new vehicles are listed below with a brief description and a picture of each.




NameDescriptionBallista The newest vehicle from the makers of the Buffalo. A fast performance muscle car with good acceleration but suspect handling at top speeds.Canerra A very similar car to the Ballista, But with slightly better handling and a lower top speed.Police Bike The LCPD has finally gotten the funding to buy their own fleet of police motorcycles and there rolling them out now. A respectable motorcycle with good speed and handlinguser posted image


In the 3rd mission Brent gets his hands on a new shipment of weapons to Liberty City and begins selling them out the trunk of his car. All of these weapons are new to Liberty City's streets and are listed below. All weapons from the original game and its episodes make an appearance as well. Each weapon includes a picture, description and price from Brent's car.



Name Description Price
Austrian Assault An Austrian assault rifle with a high rate of fire and similar specs to the M4. $3000
Heat Seeking RPG Same power as the regular RPG except it locks on to vehicles and tracks them like a stinger missile until it destroys it $12000
Flamethrower A Flamethrower like the one featured in past GTA games. Can set targets on fire from up to 50 feet away and ammo is measured in gallons of fuel $10000
Hammer A new Melee weapon. You are able to swing it quickly and do similar damage to the baseball bat. $25


user posted image


All songs and stations featured in the original and the first two episodes returns. TBB doesn't add any new radio stations but adds some songs to existing stations.



Station New Songs
The Beat 102.7 Kanye West-

Kanye West-

50 Cent & The Game-


Liberty Rock Radio Bob Segar-



Vice City F.M Michael Jackson-




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The Broker Bleeder features all minigames from the original game and episodes and adds a couple. Here is a list of the new minigames.




Willy is a former pro boxer so its only natural that there would be a boxing minigame. You can start it by approaching either of the rings inside of Glass Jaw Gym and pressing the indicated button on screen (LB on 360 and L1 on PS3). The minigame works like the boxing from Bully and allows you to bet up to $2000 on a fight. As you continue to win you get harder opponents until you reach level 10 which is the toughest level. After you beat the final opponent you receive a final payout of $5000.




You can encounter a group of 3 men shooting dice in different areas around the city. Usually on the sidewalk on a street corner. Walk up to the group and press the action button to join in. You can bet up to $100 per throw and on each throw you choose a number between 1-12 and whoever is the closest without going over wins that roll. If no one is under the roll then the roll is redone until there is a winner.


Side Missions


The ability to hunt down most wanted criminals on the police computer has returned as well as vigilante missions. there are also a couple new side missions listed below.


Turf Wars


After a certain mission in the story you get the opportunity to take over turf around Liberty City for the Spanish Lords. These side missions show up on the radar at different locations around the city and going to that icon starts a mission. A car load of Spanish Lords members show up to fight along side of you. These missions function like the gang wars from TLAD. The gangs you will fight are: The Ancelottis, The Pavanos and the Pegorinos. After you complete one you receive a payout of up to $10000. There are 50 to be done around the city.


Money Laundering


Early in the story after Brent gets a hold of the weapons and begins to sell them illegally he needs someone to launder his money for him. If you give him a call you can start a mission and pick up the van in the back lot of his apartment building in Cerveza Heights. You then need to get the van to a different location each time within a time limit. You are going there to meet another contact who is going to ship the money out of the country and if you take too long he will leave.


user posted image


Example Hud & Radar


user posted image


The HUD and Radar have largely stayed the same since GTA IV. Except the color scheme has changed. The health bar is now red and the armor bar is black. The same goes for the HUD. The weapon icon is the same color but the money and ammo counters are Red.


Cell Phone


user posted image


The cell phone in The Broker Bleeder is similar to Niko's. It is the same style of phone but is a different model with a slightly different style. All the functionality of GTA IV's phone is kept and it works the same way.


Alot more to come in later edits. Stay tuned.




Logo and Headers: Narcis_Speed6

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A Day In The Life


Giver: Autostart


The opening cutscene shows The main character Willy Baker waking up on the couch in his apartment in his underwear and heading to his dresser to get dressed. When he gets near the dresser the cell phone sitting on the top of his dresser rings and vibrates. Willy answers it and talks to the guy on the other side "Yeah, Yeah ill meet you there soon bro" says Willy. And he gets dressed. the next scene shows Willy walking out the front door of his apartment and start walking East on the street. He passes a hobo standing on the street holding a sign and the Hobo notices him and says "Hey your that boxing guy! Can you spare some change?" To which Willy responds with a shake of his head and saying he has nothing. He then take the first left and starts to walk down the street. He passes a man on his stoop sweeping and greets him with a "Mr. Roberts, How ya doin?" and the man responds with "How ya doin Willy?". When Willy gets to the the street to the south he takes a right crosses in the cross walk passing by an old lady who drops her grocery bag when she walks by. Willy picks it up and hands it to her with a smile. When Willy gets across the street he approaches a white man leaning against the wall wearing a Black hoody. "What up Will?" says the man to which Willy replies "What kind of trouble you been getting into today B?" The man chuckles and tells Willy to get into a nearby Merit. You take control of Willy after he has entered the car.


Follow the GPS route that runs west toward outlook park and then north. As you are driving Brent and Willy have a conversation about where there going. "Just to meet some people and get something done" says Brent and Willy replies with "Well whatever it is were gonna get done I better come back in one piece you hear?" Brent says that everything will be fine. The route runs north to Huntington Street where you are instructed to take a right. Drive down that street to Camden Ave. and take a left. Continue along Camden Ave and pull into the lot at the end of the street.


Willy and Brent exit the car and approach a man wearing a red coat standing alone. The man steps forward to greet them and Brent knocks him over the head with a hammer he was concealing in his coat. After he does that the mans friend emerges from the street and sees whats going on.


You take control of Willy and are instructed to beat up the man and protect Brent. So follow the on screen combat instructions to take down your opponent. Brent also helps you out in the fight with his hammer but you will do most of the fighting. After you have knocked out the guy another cutscene starts


Willy asks why they just killed two guys but Brent nervously says "Lets get out of here, I will explain on the way bro"


You take control of Willy back inside the car. Brent instructs you to his apartment in Cerveza heights on Thornton street near the Algonquin-Dukes expressway. Along the way Brent says that the guys they just whacked ripped him off yesterday and he wanted to get back at them. "Whatever you say bro, Just better hope we dont get caught" says Willy. Pull into the marker arrow at Brent's apartment.


He thanks you for coming with him and tells Willy to take care of himself and gives him some money to "get himself some decent clothes". Willy decides to head back to the Gym and see what Mick is up to. This puts a red "M" on the radar at the Glass jaw Gym.


Payout: $100


"M" for Mick Jones on radar at the Glass Jaw Boxing Gym


user posted image






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The Nefarious

This story is different from others which I like. I'll be interested to see how it turns out icon14.gif

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Same here man. The only thing I understand to any DLC is storyline, so I'll try to help with that. First off, it's good. Really good. There's good detail and good pacing. I felt like he was talking like Luis though. I felt like I was watching I Luv LC, the first TBOGT missio. In a way, that's a good thing. I felt like I was there in a GTA game. But the wrong GTA game. Try to differentiate him a bit from Luis, when Luis walks down the street everybody knows his name. But maybe Willy is just a really local guy? Be sure to explain that. The other thing is, gameplay wise it's fun to include double homicides and such, but realistically, that's not something for Willy to take lightly. Something like that catches up to you. Not every mission needs action either, but it's not a bad thing to get the reader hooked by including some. You're doing great.

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Same here man. The only thing I understand to any DLC is storyline, so I'll try to help with that. First off, it's good. Really good. There's good detail and good pacing. I felt like he was talking like Luis though. I felt like I was watching I Luv LC, the first TBOGT missio. In a way, that's a good thing. I felt like I was there in a GTA game. But the wrong GTA game. Try to differentiate him a bit from Luis, when Luis walks down the street everybody knows his name. But maybe Willy is just a really local guy? Be sure to explain that. The other thing is, gameplay wise it's fun to include double homicides and such, but realistically, that's not something for Willy to take lightly. Something like that catches up to you. Not every mission needs action either, but it's not a bad thing to get the reader hooked by including some. You're doing great.

yea, its really a deja vu


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Same here man. The only thing I understand to any DLC is storyline, so I'll try to help with that. First off, it's good. Really good. There's good detail and good pacing. I felt like he was talking like Luis though. I felt like I was watching I Luv LC, the first TBOGT missio. In a way, that's a good thing. I felt like I was there in a GTA game. But the wrong GTA game. Try to differentiate him a bit from Luis, when Luis walks down the street everybody knows his name. But maybe Willy is just a really local guy? Be sure to explain that. The other thing is, gameplay wise it's fun to include double homicides and such, but realistically, that's not something for Willy to take lightly. Something like that catches up to you. Not every mission needs action either, but it's not a bad thing to get the reader hooked by including some. You're doing great.

I partially modeled it after I Luv lc. Because Willy grew up in the neighborhood and he was once a famous boxer so he is known in the area. And he took the double homicide lightly because he feels no remorse over death but yet in the intro he was acting like a nice guy. I tried to give a little insight into his character. Nice to people he knows but no emotion over others. Because he feels like the world is against him.

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Stepping Stone

Giver: Mick Jones


After you complete the first mission an M appears on the radar because Willy wants to go see what Mick is up to. When he arrives he enters the gym and goes up to his office. "Willy! how you doin?" asks Mick. "Alright, but i'm itching to get back in the ring after all that time away!" replies Willy. And Mick says "Well lets go downstairs and see if you still got it, we got some new kids in here that would love to go a round or two with you". And they go down stairs and Willy climbs into one of the rings with a new guy.


After you take control of Willy he is in the boxing ring and you have a transparent view of him so you can see your opponent easier. Mick calls out instructions from the side of the ring and they appear on screen. You move Willy with the left stick and move his upper body to dodge punches with the right stick. You throw a quick jab with the B button and and a hook with X. A haymaker can be thrown with the Y button and the A button is how you block incoming punches. Your health is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen and your opponents is shown in the top right. Bout information like time and round are shown in the bottom right. After Mick is done reminding you of the basics you are then instructed to defeat your opponent. The fight is one 3 minute round long but if you knock him out it ends there. If it goes the full 3 minutes then Mick and another trainer standing ringside score the fight. if you won the round you pass but if you lose you get the option to restart. Once you have taken care of your opponent Willy exits the ring.



"You did good out there Will, Looked like you didn't miss a second in the ring" says Mick. "Well I used to throw some punches and shadow box in my cell when i got bored and it must have kept me sharp" says Willy. "Listen here son, I got something you need to take care of" says Mick. And Willy replies with "What is it Mick? I can do pretty much any errand you want!". "Can you go and pick up a package for me in Hove beach? shouldn't be too hard." says Mick. "Whats in the package?" asks Willy. And Mick replies "It doesn't matter just get the bag back to me as quick as possible O.K?". "Alright Ill get it for you and be back as quick as possible" says Willy.


After you take control of Willy outside of the Gym you will notice a Green Ballista parked across the street. "Nice Ride" says Willy. You can take the car if you want or get in any other vehicle. Follow the GPS route to Iroquois Ave in Hove beach and when you arrive pull up to the indicated man standing on the street. He hands Willy a paper bag and tells him not open it. After you have the bag a suspicious red Futo turns the corner and heads towards you. Hit the gas and outrun the pursuer. If you stay a good distance a head of them (Like 200 feet) they will eventually stop the pursuit when you get near the Gym but don't let them kill you. When you arrive back at the Gym pull into the marker arrow and Willy brings the bag up to Mick and leaves. Mick thanks him and tells him to stop by soon.



Payout: $250


"M" on the radar at Glass Jaw boxing gym







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Arms Race

Giver: Mick Jones


Head back to Mick's office at Glass Jaw after you complete the second mission. Willy enters the office and finds Mick and Brent having a conversation. They stop right away when Willy walks in. "Aye Will! I was just talking to our friend here about his problems!" says Brent. "What problems? Whats he talking about Mick?" says Willy. Mick replies with "Nothing, nothing Willy no reason to worry, here lets go for a ride with Brent here". The three go downstairs and get into Brent's Merit.


After you have taken control of Willy follow the GPS route that runs to what Brent describes as "the spot". Its the abandoned hospital on Colony island and you will have to cross over to Algonquin to get there. When you arrive pull into the marker arrow in the parking lot of the old hospital.



"This is it Will, what were looking for is in there for the taking!" says Brent. "What exactly are we looking for in the first place?" asks Willy. To which Brent replies "Those guns that those Pavanos are moving into the city, were gonna take it so your friend Micky here can pay off his ummmm... yeah". "Hey keep your mouth shut!" exclaims Mick. "What is he talking about Mick? Are you in some kind of debt?" asks Willy. "Ill tell you later Willy just do what Brent says!" says Mick. And Brent replies with "I guess the secrets out now. He owes some big money to the Ancelloti family Will. He wanted to keep it a secret but you're gonna find out either way". "Damn it Mick! Whay didnt you tell me?" says Willy. "It doesn't matter right now! Just go and get those weapons! we'll explain later!" screams Mick!. And Willy says "I haven't shot in years and never outside of a range! How will i get in there and grab the guns?". "It comes natural bro! Just take this and do whatever you can to not get killed!"


A brief cutscene explains the details of combat including body armor and weapon pickups. After you take control of Willy approach the hospital. three red blips will appear on the radar and you can take cover behind one of the destroyed cars in the front yard of the hospital. In the cutscene before Brent handed you a pistol for you to use. Use the pistol to take out the enemies from behind cover. After the three enemies guarding the building have been taken care of run into the building. You will find a long hallway that runs down the middle of the building. Use cover on one of the walls and take out an enemy when you have a chance. An armor pickup will be in this hallway. There are only 3 enemies in this hallway and once they are taken care of you will find a large stockpile of weapons in a room near the back of the building. The game cuts out and you respawn in a white van with the weapons and your accomplices inside. Follow the GPS route that leads you to the lockup in Bohan inside of the "Alpha mail" warehouse on Jackhammer street. When you arrive pull the van into the garage door and the gameplay part of the mission ends.



"Good job back there Will! You'll be a true professional soon if you keep this up." says Brent sarcastically. "Why did we have to kill those people over some guns? Hows this gonna help us B?" replies Willy. And Brent replies "Just calm down Will. Just calm your a*s down and hang tight! I got a plan on how to help out little old Mickey here". "You better be damn serious B! Hes family to me and i would do whatever i had to to help him!" says Willy. "Ill give you a call Will. You will see what i got in mind!" Says Brent. Mickey emerges from inside the garage and thanks Willy for helping him out. "Come see me back at the gym soon. And leave Brent to his job he knows what hes doing!" He says. And the mission ends with you standing outside the warehouse.


Payout: $500


M back on the map at Glass Jaw









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good job man!

Thanks. I've been a little busy latlry and only been able to go on the forums on my phone but I will update with new missions as soon as I can get some time.

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The Hove Beach Conspiracy

Giver: Mick Jones


When you go back to Mick's gym you see a cutscene where Willy walks in to see Willy being cornered by 3 thugs in his office. "What the hell is going on here! Who the f*ck are you guys!" says Willy. "None of you're business kid. Were just leaving you're friend here a little message" Says one of the men as they walk out of the office. Willy approaches Mick and helps him off the floor. He has a bruise on his forehead "Who were those guys Mick? What did they want?" Mick tells him that they were nobody and to forget about it. Willy won't take no for an answer and leaves the office and heads back downstairs. He leaves and sees the three guys standing near a black four door car parked across the street they finish their cans of beer and get into their car laughing. Willy hops into Mick's Yellow Buccaneer and decides to follow them.


Once you have control of Willy follow the thugs as they drive off in their car heading North from the boxing gym. The driver is a little buzzed and runs red lights and stop signs at will and swerves to avoid vehicles so they can be fairly hard to keep up with stealthily without being noticed. They will eventually cross the East Borough Bridge into Algonquin. Wait for them to pay the toll on the bridge (The only legal thing they do during the pursuit) and then pull up and pay the $5 toll to avoid police attention. You will not lose them if you are quick enough through the toll booth. They head into Algonquin and park in front of a 4 story apartment building on Wardite street. Wait for them to exit their cars and enter the building. The game will then show you a quick cutscene showing you an unguarded open window on the side of the building that Willy notices. Head around to the alley on the side of the building and climb the fire escape. Once you are inside the building Willy notices a guard standing at the end of the hallway with his back turned to you. Walk forward towards him and when you get near him you will see a prompt on screen saying "Press Y for sneak attack" Sneak kill the guard and Willy finds a silenced pistol on his waistline. Head downstairs and when you reach the bottom Willy takes cover on the wall at the bottom of the stairs and see another guard standing in the hall talking to another one. They both have their backs turned and continue their conversation for about a minute and then walk into a nearby room. You can either wait for them to enter the room or just take them out quickly with the silenced pistol. Continue down the hall and walk in the door at the end of the hallway. Inside Willy sees the 3 thugs sitting in front of a T.V playing a video game. Willy eavesdrops on their conversation and learns they are with the Ancelottis and were trying to collect their debt. One of the thugs spots Willy when he stands up to take a piss and they all pull guns and start to shoot. Willy runs down the hall and into a bathroom and jumps out the window and falls 3 stories into a dumpster below. He wakes up a couple hours later and realizes that he hasn't been spotted by the Thugs. He exits the dumpster and when you regain control you have low health. Grab the same car you followed the thugs to the apartment with. Head back to Mick's Gym and preferably stop at a hotdog stand to regain some health. When you arrive at the Gym Willy enters and confronts Mick about his debts.



"You gotta pay off the debts Mick! I didnt know they were comin at you that hard?" Says Will. "It really isnt that bad Will. I am trying to pay them off but i cant get a solid income lately" Says Mick. "We gotta figure this S*it out Mick. Im gonna stop by tomorrow. try not to get your A*s kicked tonight Mick" And Willy leaves the Gym.


Phone call: Brent calls you after this mission and tells you to stop by his place. This puts a "B" on the radar at his apartment.











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This story is different from others which I like. I'll be interested to see how it turns out icon14.gif

nice sig, I love the wire. its my favorite show

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