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[TUT] Converting from SA to VC/III

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Never was good at tutorials. But a certain someone has been bugging me and so I figured I would post some basic instructions.


You'll need 3ds Max with Kam's Scripts, Zmodeler 1.07b, and TXD Workshop. There's more than one way to do this, and you don't really need Zmodeler, but since it is my program of choice that is what I'll be using. Click for full size.


This article covers the very basics of converting. I recommend using it in conjunction with other tutorials.


First, here's what we'll be modifying. The person in question wanted it to replace the Cabbie in GTA 3. Note that I already modified the txd, I don't have the original anymore. wink.gif




user posted image


Step one is to convert it in a little program called "Z2G".




The file created will be the one we'll be converting. We'll import it, select all the parts, and export it as a III dff (VC users, export it as a VC dff).


user posted image


The next step is changing the txd to a GTA 3 one and decompressing + extracting the textures.


user posted image


We'll open up two Zmodeler windows - one for the car we'll be replacing, and one for the SA vehicle. Now we'll clean up the hierarchy a bit.


user posted image


The final product is never what you had in mind turn.gif . But you can add transparency by making a new texture with low opacity and applying it to the windows. This model still needs a lot of work, but that's something the person who requested it can do.


Short and sweet, probably not all that helpful. But with a little luck it will stop some useless topics from being created in the modding forums, and if that happens then I consider it a success.


This stuff takes a long time, mind you. I spent almost 4 hours on just these little changes and writing this tutorial. I ahould have been studying, but modding is more important, eh? tounge.gif

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Amulya Baniya

Thanks man really helped me thanks for help.......please can u send me link for lamborgini gallarado for gta 3?


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Never seen one of them available for 3, although if you find one for VC you can convert it easily. wink.gif


I'll post some basic instructions for converting this Gallardo from VC to III.


First, open up the txd and do the same things in step two of my tutorial (extract them to the texture folder, etc). Next, import the car into Zmodeler. Now simply export the car as a GTA 3 dff and put it in the game and presto! You have a Gallardo for GTA 3.


If you need more help just say so. smile.gif

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