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Resolution mem-add


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hi friends,

i am working on a cleo mod for VC & need help with it,

i have to draw some texture during it,

the texture should be in the bottom_right corner of the screen,

so, i need some memory addresses, by which i can read the Width & height of current resolution,

or any other way of doing it,

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I have already found the resolution for my own HUD.


short *ResolutionX =(short*)0x9B48E4;

short *ResolutionY =(short*)0x9B48E8;



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You'd say int or DWORD if you look at the memory addresses. In addition, why are you using pointers?

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Are those int or DWORD? I assumed it was short because the 2 bytes after those values were empty I think.


I used pointers for my dll and just copied & posted directly that resolution addy

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