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[REL] Spring weather

Evil empire

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Hello everybody biggrin.gif


I find the default weather is a bit too sad and grey that's why I decided to change it. Now the sky is very blue and sunny during the day but when the evening comes it becomes more frightening with very dark clouds.


To install just replace your timecyc.dat


Please rate and comment. biggrin.gif

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It's good to see someone still mods GTA 3, You should state that in your title or OP its for GTA 3 but overall cool timecyc.dat editing, i wish i could edit them
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Indeed, I thought it was for GTA SA.

But unfortunately for GTA3.

The last time I played that game was back in 2006.


But nice mod, btw.

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I find the default sunny weather quite pleasant in San Andreas but why not if I get more requests?

Edited by Evil-Empire
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