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Evil empire

[REL] The invincible gangster killer

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Evil empire

Hello everybody biggrin.gif


If you're sick of getting killed during vigilante sub-missions and love violent gunshots as much as you hate all this triads, yardies and other cartel then this mod is for you. Now their weapons can't hurt you anymore except their fists but you can still kill them without the ambulancemen are able to resurrect them.


You can use the flame-thrower in the censored version plus the M16 and the sniper rifle in the gore one. Since the gore patches don't always work I included a link to download a replacer gore exe.


Those who attack you with a baseball bat, 9mm, uzi, shotgun, AK47, M16 and sniper rifle can't injure you any longer but you can still maim them with the M16 and the sniper rifle if you shoot the legs, the arms or the head or directly burn them so they know what expects them in hell.


I even included some files to modify the gangsters behavior if you want to make a rampage or a sub-mission.


To install just replace your weapon.dat



Please rate and comment. biggrin.gif

Edited by Evil-Empire

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Evil empire

Please leave me some comments. I love having people's reactions so I know if I worked well or what I should improve.

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Luna Lovegood

this is cool mod biggrin.gif, im tired being shoot by the gangsters while you roaming the street randomly




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Evil empire

The pleasure is all mine. Did you try it with the gore mode?

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