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Audio problem


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I was playing for few mins and the game sound pretty quiet


for example


its really quiet from Niko's back view and normal in the front

no sound coming form a peds screaming in pain

gta iv theme song(loading screen)

no audio coming form the police dispatcher



btw I'm playing this on PS3

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I'm assuming things work normally otherwise. Do you have some sort of a separate audio system?

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.dxdiag \ sound tab \ set hardware acceleration to "basic"

.give it a try

Uh, no offence, but How is that helpful? There is NO DXDIAG screen on the PS3, that is only PC, and the OP specifically stated at the bottom of the first topic that he is on PS3...Just a heads up to please read the topics a little better next time to see the platform before replying... tounge2.giflol.gif


Plus, @runet54, that is ONLY an option on Windows XP (and certain Windows 7 PC's), as that option was disabled on Windows Vista and some Windows 7 PC's-HP is the only one I have found that still has that option on Windows 7-via the Beats Audio options-here's proof of that..lol That is why I said only certain Window's 7 PC's... wink.gif Just a heads up.


But anyway, Audio problems are due to one of 4 things-either (1) You have an illegal game version, OR (2) the disc is scratched and/or dirty, OR (3) the laser lens is starting to go bad on the disc drive and thus is causing disc read errors, OR (4) your Speakers are starting to mess up/bout ready to go bad...


On PS2, the first one would be pretty much impossible, as you cannot download games onto a PS2 to my knowledge? confused.gif But on PS3 and the 360, which have 80GB to 160GB hard drives, that is a possibility, as you can download games on those consoles, so that is why number 1 is possible in this case?

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