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weapon veriety.


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one thing i hated about gta4 was the fact that the weapons where kind of bland and they all did similar amounts of damage and what i want to see is agood veriety of weapons with each gun having its own perks and reasons for using it, so its not just like you get a pistol then about an hour later you get a new pistol that is better in every way, i want to see it where you get a pistol and an hour later you get to choose between your pistol that you have (eg; accurate weak and fast firing) and a new pistol that is just as good but in its own way (eg; slow innacurate but it drops em' quickly) i would still like to see some sort of improvement as you go through the game (maybe through some sort of weapon attachment system so you can pick a gun and make it better), i think this would also make it so people could adapt thier arsenal to thier play style. they dont even need to add a massive amount of weapons maybe 2 or 3 of each type they just all need to have reasons to be used. maybe for the rifle section they could have a ak-47(ot 74) which would be slow firing highly damaging with high recoil then they could have a m16 which would be accurate weak and fire in burst and then a fast firing medium damage gun with recoil.

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