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all shops unlocked...


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You unlock the last clothing shop (Didier Sachs) and any other shop in San Andreas when you return to Los Santos in the main story line; that is - after you complete the mission "A Home in the Hills".


Hope that was the answer you were looking for.


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This is an Olde Game, many questions can be answered with the FORUM TOOL: SEARCH. Always SEARCH before making a ‘new’ topic.


Clothes Shops

the best guide with clothes ever! unlock clothes shops early and ski mask

Clothes shops, Zip,Didler Sachs, victim How, and when can i use these shops?

Clothiers Guide to San Andreas!




ProLaps: Opens when you do Sweets 4th mission, Nines and AKs

SubUrban: Opens when you do Nines and AKs

Binco: Nines and AKs too

Zip: Opens when you enter San Fierro

Victim: Opens when you enter Las Venturas

Diddler Sachs Opens when you do “Saint Marks Bistro” or Home in the Hills.


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