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Help! Cars drive themselves!


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I recently downloaded grand theft auto III for iPhone 4s, and I'm having a problem driving. Sometimes no matter which car I steal the alignment sends the car either right or left. I can steer but I'm fighting the car wanting to go in one direction or another. Is this normal gameplay for some reason? Is this a glitch? Help?

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I seen this happen to other people. Contact rockstars actual support team or you will get people from this forum telling you random non helpful crap like "buy a ps2 hahha XD" and stuff.

Contact there support team.

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It sounds like you have the accelerometer turned on in the options to control the steering. Check the control options and if it is off see if tilting your iPhone makes a difference in case there is something causing it to still be on. If it is already Off but still acting like it is On, you could also try turning the option On, go back to main menu, restart iPhone, Turn option Off, back to main menu, restart iPhone again, and see if that fixes it.

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