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Hello gays this is actually my first post smile.gif


but I love gta lot and have played it since I was a child!!



I've read an article by Rogue Games about gta v.


the article have a lot of information about gta v I've read the article and think it's really good. But I'm not sure it's real


Here is the article ---->http://www.gameranx.com/updates/id/3553/article/rumor-exclusive-gta-5-info-leaked-by-rogue-games-journalist/


Here is a video on youtube ---->


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Right. Seems like a load of bollocks to me.


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Deji is a coward.

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I am not gay HEY!!!

Hello dear comunity. I just changed my password into something I am unable to remember. It has been a lot of fun here, one of the best GTA dedicated forums I have ever visited. The mods are doing a great job and I wish you all the best. I love you, every single one of you (apart from Zee [what a fanny]).

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Haven't we seen this before?

"Let's go, let's bounce baby! An' When I say bounce I don't mean bouncing literally I just mean..."

"I know what it means Yusuf."

"It's a term from the street meaning you have to walk, but if you don't get that it's a bit like rolling. You have to roll, not like a fat man rolling, it means actually just walk."

"Can we just go?"

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