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I wrote it yesterday.


when you press "sparrowsparrow" it will make red flare plese wait a few second

the heli will shoot by minigun and drop bomb there.

sorry for my bad English. orly.gif


user posted image



[ URL=http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=19215] download here[/url]


thank you very much for your download or your comments. sigh.gif


Update !!!

V.2.1 is REL




fixed some glitches tounge2.gif


Broken links report here : [email protected]


Special Thanks


ZAZ , for your best scripting tutorials


Ryusuke, for your " Armed Heli" cleo



Ac-130 close air support


Usage :


1.Go to street and press HELLO.

2.the plane will fly around there.

3.aim on the ped and press Y supporter team will shoot that ped.


Fixed glithes


status Awaiting for approval.

Edited by ussr_cccp
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