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[ARGENT]List of best reality mods


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Welll guys, the topic says it all.. I need a list of the best reality mods around.. no matter how heavy.. I have good pc tounge.gif

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This is really one useless thread...


Use EnbSeries for graphics, and for other mods, keep searching and try request threads.

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Since everyone else does the job of creating and hosting these mods for you, I think you can do the simple task of finding them yourself.

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San Andreas Retextured 3 by -BLITZ- (original author is ParoXum)

Project Oblivion 2010 HQ by kromvel and Black Hole

Project Reality (modified stolen mod, but you still can download it)

Hot Adrenaline Effects by Chester

HD Clouds by Cheetah_dot_chi

HD Moon by Cheetah_dot_chi

New Great Effects by [sAK*]KING_OF_SA

ENBSeries by Boris Vorontsov

7 Eleven Stores by freshmilk69

Real Life License Plates by zyonig

Ultra Realistic HD Effects by Nobeus


Well, I think that is enough for now

Happy gaming cool.gif

Always read the instructions and the README thoroughly (if available), and always backup files before you edit in case something goes wrong

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I recommend going down to the Bottle Store; and pick up a case of your finest drop; and spend the weekend trawling through GTAGarage; GTAInside, GTAWorldmods and LibertyCity.ru. icon14.gif


Well worth the time ^

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