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Rockstar hiring for 'next-gen consoles'


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Think about it, why in the f*** would they put a game thats already finished on a next-gen console that wont even be released for 2 years? And even then, they would have to release it at least 1-2 years after the console release in order to account for a satisfying amount of revenue. So, no, you people are just too god damn gullible, no wonder you think Ned Luke meets the criteria for a protagonist, f***ing loons...

I hope you remember that comment once Rockstar release GTA V and you see in the credits in the manual: Ned Luke - (Main Protagonist's name)

And why would they need to wory about revenue when it would mean they have GTA on 5 consoles.

And your acting like Rockstar hasnt ported a game before, they did it with Bully.

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Dunno if this has been posted before but...



Doesn't matter if it was or not. Actual next gen consoles wont be released until 2014 at the very earliest. And I mean the end of 2014, so pretty much 2015. GTA V will be released this year, before Summer(I can't guarantee this, but I am very positive).


But the WiiU is considered a next gen console, when in fact it's only marginally better than the PS3 and 360. And I think R* wanted to develop for the WiiU. Put one and one together and what do we get?

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Sorry to rain on the excitement but it's entirely possible the job listing is referring to current gen consoles as "next gen" out of habit. They were called next gen when they were new and I don't think there was an agreed-upon cutoff time for calling them that, even though it doesn't make much sense now. Anyway, since this is an artist job, a specific console is not relevant, only the general ability to take a detailed design and break it down to various target levels of detail.

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Since the Max Payne news I'm gonna go with Spring 2013 as a 720 Launch title smile.gif


I think the announcement was to keep share holders and the like happy - some of the scenes in the trailer looked unfinished to me.


But hey who knows right? Hopefully it's October 2012 on 360/PS3/PC......

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