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Michel Teló - Ai se eu te pego (Oh if i take you)


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I have been watching many news about how 'worldwide famous' this music is , and i would like to make a discussion about this here tounge.gif


For people who dont know :

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How can it be "World Wide Famous" when no one here (USA) has mentioned it to my knowledge?

Did it make Billboard charts? haha

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Well its been very famous on Europe , not sure if its famous on USA tounge.gif


EDIT: version in english

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Billboard magazine covers many artists' success, even World music and World artists, but if you sing in English, you're going to have much better chances!

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What a great song this is. I do not understand a word, but I've been listening to this nonstop during the last couple of days.


I first heard of it when a friend posted this video on Facebook:


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