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I'm looking for an artist


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Tired background just in case:

I've been writing crappy little video games since '79 as a hobby. Like most indie and hobby game makers, I don't finish most of the games I start. Thank goodness it isn't just me, and that is common confused.gif. The thing that holds me up the most is my lack of art skills. I've worked with an artist in the past, but unfortunately he has fallen on some hard times and currently isn't available.


To try and keep this brief...


I'm looking for an artist to work on game graphics as part of a small team of 3 - Programmer, Sound, and Artist. Aside from the individual skill responsibilities, the team will also work on basic game designs/play and all that.


My plan is to release a series of nostalgic based games on the xbox indie market. Keep in mind that I'm not just a youngster with a fun little dream. I have a complete frame to hold the games and basics 100% complete. I also have 1 scrolling shooter engine 100% complete. That engine can be exploited into a number of individual games. I'd say the fist game is about 95% complete. I just keep adding more crap or it would probably be complete.





Like I say, my art skills suck, but I do actually know how to do game graphics. If you are concerned that you have never worked with game graphics I'm more than happy to help with the basic how-to. It's easy, and easier when the mission is to capture the older games.



One last thing - must be over 18 years old. No offense to the younger artists.


Please PM me if you have any interest.





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@mascotefera, I'm a bit confused by your reply. Must be the language thing.



trip is disappointed


What? No takers? Is it the age thing? Is it me? Just no interest?


Really folks, I'm not social anywhere on the internet other than here, and I really don't want to take my grovelling for an artist to any of those indie game developer forums. I'd be happier if I could work with someone here in the GTAF community.

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PM sent.

Very cool. Thanks. Now download those links I sent ya so I can stop checking my web logs tounge.gif

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PM sent.

Very cool. Thanks. Now download those links I sent ya so I can stop checking my web logs tounge.gif

Ha, sorry, I got kinda busy yesterday corraling my flying lawn furniture.



I'm going to get it going today and see where we're at.


Either way, I'm pretty hyped, should be a good time!

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