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The Bonanno Crime Family

Don Bonanno

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One day in 1955 on tuesday Anothny Bonanno was walking down the street when he saw a man was getting attaced by gangsters he then ran and helped him he beat the Sh*t out of the guys and helped the guy who was getting beaten up.He then find out that this guy working for the gambino crime family but the guy was attacked by his own people so Anthony Grabbed his hand and said hang around with me the guy said ok i ll work with you and by the way my names tony.Anothony then got the idea to start his own gang and rule bohan together and they recruited up to 15 to 20 members and attacked the gambino crime family in such a way that the hole of bohan shooked.Then later on the allies of the gambino crime family wiped out Anthony hole gang and now Anthony said its time for pay back.


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Rank GTAForum Name Gamertag
Don Don Bonanno -
Underboss - -
Consigliere - -
Caporegime - -
Soldato - -
Enforcer - -
Associate - -


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Desert Eagle

Micro Uzi

Winchester 1300

M4 Carbine




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Anything ElseResponse



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Gallery Coming Soon



Special Thanks to xXPrineEzioXx
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HOLY sh*t!


In 1955 there was only ONE Tuesday that whole year!




"One day in 1955 on tuesday"



But seriously good luck guys, your story could do with some work. icon14.gif

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Good luck icon14.gif


Edit; I did not make the story he sent it to me i know it is sh*t but its his clan and Don bannono ill talk to you later going on xbox.

Edited by xXPrinceEzioXx
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Thanks Ezio I owe you big time and yeah ill talk to you later to and i know story is not good but i am not good at storytelling.

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