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Expert shooters selecting “powerful weapons”...


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When I play games like “cops and crooks” and the rank 9/10 players always have to select “powerful weapons” because they know they can destroy everyone else in the game repeatedly.


Whilst I understand where their coming from (as I do with people who spend all their time in helis) it’s just so frustrating that they think they are the best based on the fact that they are constantly winning all the time.


In the past when I have hosted games and I insist on having weapons set to “pistols” (as I do occasionally) they leave the game. But surly that should be the true test of their shooting skills if everyone is on the same level but with weaker weapons?


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In Cops N Crooks cops spawn with mp5 and crooks spawn with pistol, good players always put powerful weapons to make it more fair for crooks

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why should it matter which weapons you're using if everyone has the same weapon? if you're good with a pistol then you shouldn't have any issues with longer range weapons.

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If they are rank 9-10 and have crazy looking names they have a turbo controller. No questions asked, they have a turbo.

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I agree with you. happens all the time to me.


its fun to play with powerful on but not all the time because of the disadvantage to the crooks when it becomes an rpg match.


I usually cycle thru the weapons but standard is most basic.


I respect grenade cooking lol.

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The norm. for disallow games is standard.


If I'm host, I like to select all. occasionally, but RPG's usually end up getting used too often.


Powerful is usually chosen in games when autoaim is enabled.




reeno, turbo players only like to play with rifles only usually. wink.gif


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