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[REL|SA] GTA San Andreas .LOD Mod


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But it says on page 1 at General Information.


No. It takes a little more time to bring what is missing, for example, doors, garage doors, spray interiors, because in original .lods world they don't exist the reason is instead of them just a wall, to mask that gap and so many other things that I want to bring back.

Edited by -BLITZ-
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no no, i thought you had exact release date that's why i asked you, i've read everything from the first page biggrin.gif

Just keep up the good work

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Do you know when sometimes you need to choose your path or destiny, like having 10 choices and you have to choose only just one ? Well for any of you that had read this two pages, you can notice there are a lot of methods, but this R* pals if they would made the rest of the missing objects into .lods everything was perfect and now the mod was finished.


Any method that I had found has a second effect. Well, a new one where I hope that everything will work perfectly from now on until I finish all those missing files is:


Gets rid of those flickering objects between distance and aproach like what cjd2425 talked about in this own topic. How I manage to do that, I just merge two objects and put them as .lod and again the same file as normal objects. Now I took the object that doesn't have .lod and rescale it with 3Dmax to -10 (microscopic).

It seems that it's specific .col file isn't affected by the scale of it's .dff and now because I merge both, that flickering doesn't exist anymore and you will not fall through the microscopic objects.


The second effect that I was talking about is that in SA-MP for customs maps, the microscopic objects will make you wonder where in the world is it. Well sorry but even in Med Editor it cannot be seen because if the objects could bee seen like +10 instead of -10 you could see it in the game as well, only if you will got through the specific object using a trailer and it would look like a easter-egg floating in the air, because sometimes the game happens to take a little seconds for the game to load. I mention that this is not related to this mod is about the game himself, unmoded.


But I really don't because, the normal game, normal map, normal SA-MP map [Godfather, race, etc] that doesn't add any extra objects or it doesn't move it's coordonates, the mod is very playable. So for some couple of small SA-MP customs maps, I really don't bother. You want a good distance mod that fixes all that crappy .lod stuff made by R*, wait for it. tounge.gif

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'a more draw distance' can be achieved by editing the timecyc. (FARCLP)

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'a more draw distance' can be achieved by editing the timecyc. (FARCLP)

Yes I know, but there are someones who don't know how to edit and...

I edit it myself but its a little buggy, when i look far some objects are not rendering some are and if i zoom in for ex. with sniper the object are rendering so that' why i'm asking, if he will make... biggrin.gif


There is a mod 10x draw distance, its has the same problem with the objects sad.gif

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Page 1 is all about this. You heard methodunderg. Just because a cat resembles to a lion, doesn't mean I have to buy the lion aswell.


Timecyc is draw distance and .lod objects are materials transformed in good quality. It may resembles to what you think, but it's not the same thing.


Asking for too much to includ in one mod that is related just to one basic purpose, is not a good idea. Just because others don't know how to mod something, why do I need to take care for everyone. Learn it like I'm doing now, all by myself.





It's freezing cold out here sad.gif I can't work at this mod or at anything else bored.gif ; I need to stay in bed and watch Tv series because is -15, and -25 at night. Water and electricity went down couple of days. From the past two weeks, only yesterday I manage to go outside. This ain't feeling good to stay so much in the house.

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I\'m not asking you to do this, that it\\\'s an idea that this mod will look better

don\'t get me wrong

this is a cool mod and we can wait for it even if it take 1 year or more

Edited by d3jan
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It could be worse BLITZ; you could live in Fiji, and have your house flooded every day lol.

Or you could live were I live, and have a handful of earthquakes every day. I live on shaky ground. Is it snowing at all ? lol.



This mod isn't going to help objects appear from further away. It's LOD's only.


You could look on Libertycity.ru for a mod that makes peds/vehicles appear from further away. Sorry for spamming in your awesome topic BLITZ

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no no

This mod is just for better quality for far objects, i know, if there is more draw distance this mod will look cooler, but there is problem with that draw distance with objects like buildings, they are disappearing if i zoom in they appear, with the road there is no problem.

If BLITZ can fix this problem the mod will be cooler. It\'s just an idea biggrin.gif

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This has to do with the game, wiengine, the camera codes, scripts, the model, the view camera that are working only on some parameters, limits and so on. Editing timecyc files so much you may hit one of those things something similar to GTA easter eggs [You're not allowed to be here].



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For now is too late to start using that future when the mod is doing just fine, although are you sure you can add new ide, ipl objects above 18386 id ? Plus, for the game to recognize new objects I need to add .col as well otherwise the game crashes.


I've been through a lot of problems with the mod and yesterday I manage to fix about everything, thanks to my backup. It was a good idea to keep a backup of the mod before I started to add new objects in .lod world.


I'm sorry to say it but the following problems came from adding too many .lod objects and boxes with COL II tool to fix new added .lod objects because some of them where disappearing on certain angles. Because of too many, the game was crashing at some specific points of the map, so I need it to delete everything and use the backup in order to put the original file back.


Now I still need to do some tweaks, adding other objects and when I will finish with my list I will try to add what I didn't manage to add using the .asi

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Ah ok, thought you were having a big problem and couldn't move forward with your LOD mod. Anyway yes you can increase the ide+ipl limits with that tool to be able to use any id from 18386 up to 19999, its based on SALA but instead of being a hook, it patches the exe which makes it hell of a lot more stable.

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The mod is finished. I just need now to update the front page, make the installer, upload it and wait until Moddb will aprove. So this week or in this weekend it will be released.

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Damn, I really appreciate your hard work on this mod, as it's first of it's kind and you got it all working by doing lots of experimenting... icon14.gif


This is a damn good reason to install GTA:SA back again!

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It's important to read what it will be in page one. Very tricky with P.O. series. I'm not refering that it will be hard, is just need to pay attention to not wake up with some white objects, that's all.

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About that tricky with PO trees, does this mod require PO trees?

Having like 512x512 and 1024x1024 textures for almost any txd file and then PO, it's overkill because of too over exaggerated polies.

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Best news I've heard all morning (I've only been up for 30mins lol) moto_whistle.gif


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Best news I've heard all morning (I've only been up for 30mins lol)  moto_whistle.gif

You gotta be kidding, unitill I saw your flag xD sigh.gif

What time is it in your country?

Here it's 20:25.



OT, what should I say? It's good news xD

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You refer to SRt3 Lod ?

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I think he means for SRT3 overall..


How come the 1st page says "13-17.02.2012" for Release Date; and ModDB, says 19th .. ?

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I haven't said anything about continue Srt3. I made this .lod mods after I found out in all this time, that is possible and the game will run if I will change it's objects. I though the game will not work, it will crash or limits.


As I said, Srt3 still remains for 2013 or when ever it will happend. I can't afford any new PC in this year or in the next years from how my status is right now. I don't know the precise answer here. I say this random.


Med Editor and wordpad is something else.

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