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Out of Time?


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London (69-61), Advance, SA, VC, VCS, LCS... those games take place in the past (if you count the year of relase), and R* has put a lot of effort to create the feeling of those years. But i was wondering: there are anachronistic things in the game?

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Los Santos Pedestrian

Yes, there is.


Like the Bullet (2003), Stratum (1994) and Jester (1993) in GTA San Andreas, or the song 'Crockett's Theme' (1987) in GTA Vice City.

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Just for reference, the GTA GAME TIMELINE:


QUOTE (In in-game chronological order

(not the order they were released in)

the Grand Theft Auto games are:)

• GTA: Vice City Stories Set in: 1984 - Released in: 2006

• GTA: Vice City Set in: 1986 - Released in: 2002

• GTA: San Andreas Set in: 1992 - Released in: 2004

• GTA: Liberty City Stories Set in: 1998 - Released in: 2005

• GTA Set in: 2000 - Released in: 2004

• GTA III Set in: 2001 - Released in: 2001

• GTA IV Set in 2008 – Released in 2008



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