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sphere doesn't show up


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I've created a sniffer for my mission, but the sphere doesn't show up, this is the only sphere in game (except for the main.scm ones) so it's not that I have to many spheres. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?



{$CLEO .cs}Thread 'SNIFFER_SOLDIER':SNIFFER_11@ = 129.3375 2@ = 1954.3927 3@ = 2002A8: 0@ = create_marker $ICON_CASH at 1@ 2@ 3@ wait 0if andPlayer.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)Player.Controllable($PLAYER_CHAR)$ONMISSION == 0jf @SNIFFER_1wait 0if$MISSION_SOLDIER_PASSED == 0jf @SNIFFER_2jump @SNIFFER_3:SNIFFER_20A93: end_custom_thread:SNIFFER_3wait 0if  00FE:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR sphere 1 in_sphere 1@ 2@ 3@ radius 3.5  3.5 5.5jf @SNIFFER_3wait 0if andPlayer.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)Player.Controllable($PLAYER_CHAR)$ONMISSION == 0810F:   not player $PLAYER_CHAR wanted_level > 0jf @SNIFFER_30A94: start_custom_mission 'SOLDIER'$ONMISSION = 10164: disable_marker 0@ jump @SNIFFER_1 


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this script is for SA if i am right,

i think you should use an opcode which is for creating spheres,

03BC: 4@ = create_sphere_at 1@ 2@ 3@ radius 3.5,

what do you think ?

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3@ = 20


Could be that you're storing using an integer value where a float should be used. Sanny Builder needs that extra .0 to ensure it makes the game put the right value in variable 3@.

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