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Vice City Won't Start Up


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Windows 7

Nvidia Geforce GT 540M with 2gb video RAM

Intel Core I-7

8gb RAM

Installed a couple of Modded Cars


I have recently downloaded GTA: Vice City on my computer, which is perfectly in good shape with no viruses at all. My computer can run games like Crysis 2 on ultra quality with no lag whatsoever, but it fails to run a simple game like gta: Vice City. At first it wouldn't get passed the start game page. I then set it to compatibility mode, windows 98/Windows Me, and now it just fails to get passed the intro. Like after i skip the intro, i see a black screen that says "Vice Beach" or something like that on the lower left corner. Any Help please?




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PirateBay.org. I downloaded like 3 other vice cities too but no help at all.

There's your problem, you have an illegal game version...The ONLY option is to BUY a legit game version-it is less than $10 now a days, so there is NO reason to NOT buy it legally...


Where to buy legally:







Steam Downloads

D2D Downloads


OR Just walk into any of the above stores(1-5 on list above) and buy a physical copy....GTAForums has a strict no-warez rule-it is not tolerated, so until you buy the game legally, we can not help...But, if you get a legal version, you will have NO problems with the game....

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