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my big one


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if you're here for the porn...





...wrong place, just a sh*tty milestone.


anywhoo, after nearly six* years I've hit 1000 posts. it's taken a lot of thought, periods of inactivity and general posting of "state the obvious" bullsh*t.


but thanks to everyone who made me stay here, either by not being a douche or being enough of a douche to others to make me see the comedic value (here's looking at you, Anuj...or Waddy. or anything other GTAForums urban legend member)


also, massive thanks to anyone who has given me ideas of critisms in the Creators Lounge or either of my two concept threads. I wouldnt have completed them without you guys, the list includes;




Money Over Bullsh*t




and the list goes on and on...


another thank you anyone else I've conversed with and found a common ground to stand or just managed to go a few posts without resorting to calling eachother a c*nt icon14.gif


bar my rambling and lest thou free spam posts commence?


(actually, can I post "thank you" after every post after mine? I wanna hit 2000 in less than half a decade)


*as leik oh em jeez! pointed out...it's four and a bit years >.< just testing...

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leik oh em jeez!

I'm going to use my free post to point out that 1K is hardly a milestone. Not to mention your math is severely flawed.


Nearly six years? May 13, 2012 would mark five years from 2007. So right now you're at four and some change.

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That's one big thing you got there buddy! I always enjoyed giving you feedback.



Edited by Mati
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Congrats C4C. Your a good member around the GTA Series Chat section icon14.gif

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Congratulations! Thanks for the shout-out, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Here's to the fruitful future of codename Project Papi, and another six years of wasting precious time on the forums. icon14.gif



user posted image

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Congratulations on your milestone! icon14.gif

Dead (Retired)

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Spaghetti Cat

Whoa! Musthave missed this! Congrats Dude! Exclamation Point!


No but seriously you have some quality posts in the series chat section.


cookie for a deserved milestone cookie.gif

No Image Available

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lol, I like how my "Justin Bieber is dead" milestone topic gets locked, but yet this one is allowed to stay open.


But nonetheless, CONGRATS!!! cookie.gif



[O]tter[ba]nned Oct 8, 2013, for 91 days.

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icon14.gif Heres a cookie. cookie.gif

I try not to post much(even though i know i do) bc theres just so many dicksuckers that love to spit semen all over peoples threads

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vertical limit

Thanks for the free post and congrats.


I would be posting my 5k soon.

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