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how to kll dimitri


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Cheats don't play games, they pretend to play games and then boast about how they ''beat'' the game. Remember, kid, CHEAT CODES are NOT playing the game.


Well, the easiest way to do it, assuming you mean the mission where you have to go back to Hove Beach to take the little sod out on the ship is to (incredibly simple and short version - WARNING SPOILER) approach the vessel, take out everyone in your way and after commandeering the bridge and opening the holds, drop down into them in the process landing on crates and then cautiously move forward. At this point you will meet resistance from a token force of Russian gangsters who you can take out pretty easily if you keep to as much cover as possible and after they have ceased to be a problem, move forward and confront Dimitri, wherein a short cut-scene plays out - now, execute the little creep and leave the vessel. Without his men he is a pushover, all talk no bullets.

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