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Game doesn't respond


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I have the PC version of San Andreas and have had it for years. I play it all the time. But the last couple days, I click the icon and it does nothing. The disc whirls and the cursor turns into a spinning disc, like it's trying to load, but then nothing happens. I know it's not the drive, because I played Halo this morning and it played fine. Same with my dvds. It's just the San Andreas disc I am having issues with. I made sure it's clean. Maybe It's not the disc, maybe it's the file. I even ran the reinstall program and clicked "Repair" and that didn't fix it.


I have Windows Vista: Service Pack 2. Everything is up-to-date, and like I said, I played this game ALL the time up until a couple days ago. I even ran CCleaner incase there was something in the Temp folder to prevent it from working.

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When the game worked before and suddenly stops, and the disc is ok, etc.

Your system may have done an automatic update of some file/driver that affects the game.

First to try is Deleting the GTA_SA.set File. reboot and start game. This file contains config that may now be out of date. It is created each time you save the game.

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This sounds like a securom problem. If you have installed some disk emulation software the past few days, you'll want to disable/remove it.

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Sounds like nothing wrong with the disk, but the file. Try deleting gta-sa.set to reset any changes you made in the past which made it malfunction. And maybe running the game as administrator should help!

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