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Conan the Barbarian (remake)

lil weasel

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The story was the usual formula, however, it ran about 40 minutes more than it should have. Extended fight scenes mostly so dark I couldn't make out the action.

Why do they use Colour Film to make a Black & White movie? Except for brief ocean bits the whole thing would have been just as well be done with cheaper B&W film. At least it didn't have those Horrible Red/Pink crappy lighting.

The actor charactor reminded me more of Tarzan then 'the Barbarian'.

And, there was a scene where the witch handled the 'Sword' as if it had all the weight of plastic, an altogether to frequent happening in most movies. Weight handling acting is like a bad mime drinking.

When will the scripts stop with the Hissy 'monster' meanys? So you're a almost animal charactor and really, really meany. And, this applies to all movies, why do they have to Hiss? OK you're not 'really' human, you drool and open your mouth like a cat and HISS, we got it already... Is it the pain from having your teeth filed? Or maybe the flem is clogging your throat?

Certainly this is not one of the milestone film remakes. monocle.gif

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Don't f*ck with Khal Drogo. Seriously, the only reason I'd bother seeing this film is because Jason Momoa is in it.


It's one of those recent, mindless action films that film companies seem to like churning out. Centurion, Black Death and Ironclad come to mind. They seem to vary in quality of story and acting but at the end of the day, they are all just going for the gore/action money.


Having said that, I really liked Centurion (ancient Rome nerd, fan of Michael Fassbender and Dominic West... win win win) and mean to watch the other two for the actors involved (Sean Bean, James Purefoy).


Shouldn't really go into viewing these films expecting the height of sophistication and cinematic revolution.

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The action was cool, and Jason Momoa portrayed Conan way closer to the REH character than Ahnuld ever did. That said, the pacing and the script of the movie was so utterly laughable it was tough to watch.


What I'd really like to see is a miniseries with Jason Momoa and the crew that did Spartacus. That'd be great.


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