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ViceCity HD 2012


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Hi happy.gif ,im new to this forum.i came here to ask help from you ,member's ,i had been working on a project called GTA vice cityHD 2012,which will release soon.its with different cars,weapons high res textures etc.with this game it will be more enjoyable to play colgate.gif i need some help to finish this project!



I will credit the name of those who helped me!


1.I need some one to create a new logo for the new vice city

:like(Vice city HD 2012)with the same fonts and color.


2.Need a modeler to remake the people's textures and the dirty old models.

like remaking candy suxxx inlove.gif


3.Need someone to remake the old green bush or plant

Palms are already replaced!


4.Need a skin maker to make some high res skins for the bigger skin version.


thats enough for now.

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