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GTA V coming 2013?


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I have to agree with adam, they'll want to beat the next gen consoles, so a mid to late 2012 release is as likely as ever with the rumor mill buzzing about the PS4/Xbox 720, I mean if it releases after those consoles come out, it'd still do well but at the same time it'd be old before it would be released at the same time.


Though at the same time I don't see the next gen of consoles coming out until 2014 some time, so R* still has some breathing room.

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Another release date topic. Wow. It spreads like a f*cking flu. And I can't believe there are people who actually believe that. If someone opened up a topic right now saying that GTA V will be released tomorrow or in 2014, I think you would buy that sh*t too.


Can't you use your own minds for a change and cut the hype atleast in half? Jesus Christ. I mean, after seeing websites about fake deaths of Bon Jovi and Jackie Chan, I guess I should've seen that more of this topic is gonna be opened every day until the release of GTA V.


99% of you will look stupid at the day of the release of GTA V because you just pop out these things right out of your ass. And the funny thing is, people still buy it. Damn.

you dont make any sense whatsoever. so its funny if we still buy the game when we got the date wrong, huh? what is "99%" of us supposed to do? kill ourselves out of shame? dozingoff.gif

also, leave Jesus out of this! mad.gif

a) I don't make any sence? Try reading your comment once again.

b) No, you should cut the f*cking hype atleast in half and stop believing everything you see or hear.

c) Ok, fair enough. Jesus has nothing to do with this wink.gif

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2013 is just too far away. It's extremely doubtful we will be waiting until then.


The release date is still anyone's guess, but the 3 most likely dates are May 25, June 29 or October 26 all of this year.


I got an inkling that in the next trailer, we will be told coming "enter season". ie. Coming this Summer or Coming this Spring.

Where did u get the last 2 releasedays from??

The June one is a place holder at JB Hi-Fi (JB You've done it again) and the October one a place holder for Blockbuster.


They really don't hold much weight on their own, but they're the only dates I know of actually out there.





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max payne 3 was announced in 2009.


going by their track record of past delays, 2013 would not be a surprise at all.

just bumping this to show everyone that i called this out a long time ago. tounge.gif


this also shows all the people that are full of sh*t and can't predict anything. lol.gif


remember just because someone types a long paragraph of BS does not mean it's true. wink.gif

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