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signature and spinning avatar please


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i would like a signature with two gold barrett 50 cals on each side.. an F-22 Raptor on one side f-22 raptor and a blackhawk on the other blackhawk and an ac130 gunship in the middle up top ac-130 they could be how ever you want just showing breif pic but also i would like the sjy as the background and inbetween the f-22 and blackhawk i would like Soliders of Tranquility in your best font please and i would like bullets to rain on each side if you can...


i would also like an avatar of the US Air Force emblem US Air Force Logo spinning all the way around front to back and shine if possible dont need the words Us Air force under it just the logo spinning please....


I would like to thank anyone who contributes in advance. smile.gif

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