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GTA 3 Cheetah coming to life


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Ok , not exactly 100% , but when i first saw this car , the Cheetah from GTA 3 popped in my head. What do you think ? http://www.worldcarfans.com/112010539473/d...percar-revealed

Your damn right "not 100%", it's totally different in every imaginable way.

Cool, though.

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Los Santos Pedestrian

It has almost the same headlight design as III's Cheetah and a somewhat-similar front.

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Spot on, looks like a newer version of the GTAIII Cheetah.


user posted image


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Cole Phelps Gta

I can see what you're saying. I think you're right. good find topic starter. car loooks sweet btw



You're too cowardly to even take the heat for it from the people you troll, instead running to the moderators wasting our time with sh*t you started. GTFO.


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