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[REL|SRC/BIN|IV] StructEdit


Recommended Posts


GUI works and by the console info I can tell that it can reload too but...


1. doesn't want to save values with "-" sign in front of them

2. after changing values and reloading doesn't make any changes.


I'm using patch just to make it clear now.

Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I'm veerry busy IRL, so I don't have much time.



1. That's probably because I made a mistake in setting the restrictions for the relevant parameter. What parameter were you trying to change? Or does this go for all of them? Have a look at the .sif files in the ./scripts/structedit folder (just open with notepad). You'd probably see what's wrong right away.


2. I don't really understand what you mean. The changes are made directly to the values in-memory. If you see a value has changed after you've changed it - it has changed. The mod displays the true values as they are present in-memory. If they do not change, something went wrong (which can be quite a lot).


If you restart the game (or load a new save), the game probably reloads the values into memory, thus the changes you've made are undone.



Making permanent changes was never the scope of this mod - the goal was to aid modders in editing some of the config files (handling.dat, waeponinfo.xml). When I have the time (and motivation) I might rebuild the mod and also make it possible to change values programatically. There's something like that implemented already (see the source @ github), but it's not very nice and I haven't tested it yet.


as far as I understand it should make changes in the game in real-time but not permanently in the handling file but it doesn't show any difference in the game. I know that center of the mass z axis value -0.33 doesn't change because there's "-" sign in front of it. All of the values can be changed but they don't have the effect on the game whatsoever. I think when I set Center of the mass z axis value to 0.3 I should see changes pretty clearly.

Edited by chasez
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as far as I understand it should make changes in the game in real-time but not permanently in the handling file but it doesn't show any difference in the game. I know that center of the mass z axis value -0.33 doesn't change because there's "-" sign in front of it. All of the values can be changed but they don't have the effect on the game whatsoever. I think when I set Center of the mass z axis value to 0.3 I should see changes pretty clearly.

If the value changes after you've clicked the button, it's changed. It's as simple as that. If you observe no changes in-game, that may be because you need to unload the relevant model (for example, if you change a car's mass, you won't observe any changes. You need to load a save for the changes to take effect).


I already described how you can change the restrictions regarding negative numbers, so I'm not going to go into that again.

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Was bored yesterday, so I worked on the mod some more. I've decided I want the mod to take a bit of a different direction. At the moment it's a small *aid* in modding handling.dat and weaponinfo.xml , I want it to be more than that. I want to take away the need to actually edit the native files.


Because a lot of people ask for it, I've implemented a contents exporter and loader. It's kind of hard to explain in text, but in essence the mod takes the values from memory and dumps them into a file which is editable with Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet program.


So that enables you to easily edit the vehicle / weapon parameters from Excel. Now if you're done, you can just tell the mod: "reload my settings", and it will open up the Excel file, read all the settings and then apply them.


This way, editing is much more easy. The mod will also standard load the customized Excel files, so you don't need to edit the actual handling.dat / weaponinfo.xml files, you can just edit the intermediate files.



So what to expect: (no guarantees though!)

* Data import + export to spreadsheets (tab-delimited)

* Auto loading of spreadsheets on game start (this saves the changes you've made in the in-game gui, or through Excel)

* In-game GUI still available of course

* Bugfixes

* Support for,, EFLC (latest patch).


(* API for programmers? - maybe)



At the moment I'm not sure when it will be released. "It's done when it's done." The import + export are done already, but the user-experience is still in 'Beta' stage. I'd also really like to support the timecyc.dat file, so that almost all interesting files are supported. 'Sadly' I have a very busy real life, which consists of study and sadly also work (who doesn't need money?), so it will take some time until it's done.


I'm aware of the fact that I'm kinda late with all this, considering GTA:IV came out in 2007 (?), but I expect GTA:V to be much like GTA:IV, so it *should* be relatively easy to port.

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  • 4 weeks later...


might just start playing again and gather a drift team again.


I have no clue why was this not done a 2 years ago.

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Glad you like it smile.gif.


And also thanks for reminding me this topic still exists. I actually have a brand-new-awesome version of "Structedit", though I will call it

Editor, eXPorter and Loader Of Static Information in Applications (EXPLOSIA).


At the moment it's basically done, but not yet 'release-done', which means all the bloody crap you need to actually release an application (installer, readme, etc). I haven't got time at the moment to make it all neat n tidy, so perhaps later today (again, if I have time tounge.gif) I will post a 'beta' version for you guys to test.


Explosia is a standalone tool (.exe). It does not require the C++ scripthook, .Net hook, etc. (You do need both if you want the auto-value loader to work though).


It allows you to edit values in-memory, export the values to an Excel-readable file (tab-delimited .txt) and load custom values from said files.


Apart from that it is not limited to only one version of GTA:IV (actually, there's no reason it should be limited to GTA:IV. It can be used for any application, hence the name. The user only needs to provide the required structure information.) - if the structure information comes with search data, the application will try to locate the target structure and update your structure information if the structure is found.


And it has multithreading n sh*t (though that's not so special, considering that it's Windows Forms application. Still, it's fun to say.)


Anyways, it's done when it's done and like I said, I hope to release a 'beta' version later today or perhaps tomorrow (if I find the time).

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey cursed,


regarding the "old" struct edit.. please help me out. I am trying to implement a "value changer" into EPM for a special function which would edit 3 special handling values:

(Wc+) m_fTractionCurveMax

(Wc-) m_fTractionCurveMin

(Sb) m_fSuspensionBias


Since I can't figure out how to find your sources (github 404's), and since I think, reverse-developing your code does not make much sense, you might point me into the right direction.

All I would need is a method which reads those three values, changes them (with a value I can read in from a config, thats already done) and write it back into memory. Nothing more, that method alone would do it.


Any chance you (or anyone with knowledge) might help me please?

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Will upload sources to both old and new things when I get the chance, prolly tomorrow or sunday.


Regarding your goal: have a look at the source of Explosia (= new version) when I upload it. I suggest you create a CEditableStruct instance (see source for how), which will allow you to change those params (provided they have been documented - check the SIFs and the wiki.). Explosia exports all the necessary classes and functions in Explosia_DLL.dll (actually I think I included documentation in the bin release, so you dont need the source).




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Wow thanks a lot smile.gif

You being credited in the EPM readme is ok for you for me using your code in EPM then?

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Have a look at this example script I made. Haven't been able to test it in GTA, but it should work.


Added lots of comments, should be easy to understand.







I haven't documented the m_fSuspensionBias parameter yet. As an educated guess I would say the offset is either 0xB0 or 0xCC (you can try to add new values in the SIF). But that's just a guess and it could very well be wrong (it probably is).

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Ok I'll figure out, thanks smile.gif At least the first two values are important.

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I have been away from GTA IV modding and playing for like 3 years.

Im a bit rusty.

Can somebody help me and list things i need to download (please with links) to use this tool and play online with mods.

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Cool smile.gif



Can't help you with modding online, sorry.

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  • 1 month later...

I cant get console up ! sad.gif

I did put in commandlines




and did made a shortcut with -novblank

at the end, still nothing, using 1.0.7

i am pressing the key left from 1 "`¬"

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You don't need special launch parameters smile.gif. Just make sure you have both the .Net and C++ scripthook installed, along with an ASI-loader.


On keyboards with an English configuration, the console should open by pressing the "~" key, next to the "1" key. If this is not working, check if you have installed the .Net scripthook correctly.

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Yep, not all parameters have been documented, so I can't support them :S.


See it this way: StructEdit needs to be told where the stuff is you want to edit. Let's say the parameter you want to edit is a treasure, buried deep within the GTAIV process. All the other parameters are treasures too. Now, if you want to access a treasure through StructEdit, you need to give StructEdit a map, to tell it where to look.


So for example, we give it a map (.sif file) which says: "center of mass is stored *here*, drive force is stored *here*". StructEdit takes this and is now able to edit those values. If you say to StructEdit: "Change the center of mass to X!", StructEdit says: "okay boss!", it looks up the location of the 'treasure' on the 'map', and does as you wish.


CURSEDPie, this really is an excellent concept. Can you PLEASE tell me how to work it.


I'm having no luck sad.gif


I've installed it as you've said.




Windows 7


Ultimate Trainer


I have a few ScriptHook mods in a Scripts folder. Should I delete them all and only keep this one for it to Access/Read it during the game?


Please help!


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  • 1 month later...

Hey, i managed to get it working and it is AWESOME ! tool.

But some settings in handling file u cant' change like how many gears car have

And you can't change values to negative.

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Hey all! At the moment I don't have a working GTA:IV install (which I made this mod for). (reinstalled windows, now patching to 1070 makes the game not start. Meh.)


I'm working on obtaining EFLC so I can continue (had support files for the latest EFLC patch).





I'm busy IRL too. What a shame tounge.gif

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  • 4 months later...

How am i able to open that console ? ?? ?


I haz GTA IV i changed some parameters inside of Cvehiclefile.sif


that ^ doesen't open any kind of console.


structedit.net.dll file is in the 'scripts' folder AND in the root of the GTA IV


CWeaponinfo and CVehicleinfo are in the folder inside of 'script' folder. I really wanna use this mod. Looks superb.


I believe my scripthook works because it spawns cars biggrin.gif At least the .txt files told me this:


Log start: Thu Dec 27 01:06:14 2012


[iNFO] GTA IV Script Hook 0.4.0 - © 2009, Aru - Initialized

[iNFO] Process base address: 0x1220000

[iNFO] Auto detecting game version

[iNFO] Using game version 1.0.4

[iNFO] [CarSpawner] Thread started

[iNFO] Car model available... spawning it!

[iNFO] [CarSpawner] Thread killed


and Scripthook.net founds this structedit thingy


012-12-27 02:21:03 - STARTING SCRIPTS...

2012-12-27 02:21:03 - INFO: Phone number checks are not available!

2012-12-27 02:21:03 - ...successfully started script 'StructEdit.Source.GTAScript'!

2012-12-27 02:21:03 - ...successfully started script 'StructEdit.Source.StructEditGuiScript'!

2012-12-27 02:22:09 - Direct3D device lost!

2012-12-27 02:22:10 - Direct3D device created!

[iNFO] Script Hook - Shutdown

Edited by DeworD
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  • 10 months later...

Hey man great mod! I noticed for the vehicles though the script won't change the suspension damping settings which are extremely important for high speed precision handling maneuvers.


Also the handbrake is missing. I've found with enough tinkering and mastering to be able to get vehicles to handle extremely awesome, very fast, and using handbrake around corners with success. But it requires the use of all the settings. They all work in sync together.


Also the weapons section aren't labled.

Edited by beaches13
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