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Ian Curtis Stencil


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Hey everyone! I have just found this forum and I am excited to get share my art with everyone! smile.gif

I am in a Graphic Design class where we just creat whatever and we get graded on it!

This time I am making a Stencil of Ian Curtis (Which is the main singer to Joy Division)

user posted image

I went to Photoshop, Fixed the brightness and contrast dramatically and came up with a basic Stencil shape! 8D

user posted image

Now I am in the steps of cutting it out now and it will take me awhile to make sure it looks good! >.<

user posted image

But I will probably put it on T-Shirts, A skateboard, ect. and I will show you all what it looks like when I am done with spraying the stencil on! xD

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looks epic, but I think it might be a little bit over detailed. Some more abstract shapes on the face maybe would've looked better, or maybe not. I can't judge yet, can't wait to see how it will look.

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