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Counter Strike : San Andreas


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Counter Strike : Operation San Andreas

- presented by abishai.kochara


Firstly this is a team-match type of game so get ready!


Couner-Terrorism Team



Terrorism Team




How this works.

As known there will be the two above teams mentioned, the terrorism team chooses a location and hides a bomb, theres a time period in which the counter terrorism team will have to dismantle the bomb and win the match.

The location will be chosen by the terrorism team and the match takes place there.


The counter-terrorism team


You will have to plan where you place your men(depends on how many are in the team) and where they move(in patrol rounds). Then specific targets, locations of suspicion and so on. The decided moves will have to be carried out. On these I will make missions for the counter-terrorism team.


The terrorism team


You get the upper hand, half of everything you decide so theres not much to say. You plan place, placements, patrol routes, etc. This is all that happens. The missions apply to you and strictly carry out the decisions you make.



The main working.


According to the plans I make missions specially for each factions, depending on what they plan and they have to carry them out and complete the mission. After disarming the bomb there will be a specific scene of which you'll have to take a screenshot or at least describe it. The winning team has a specific outcome and wins the matches, the number of matches will be decided.



To join just post!

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ok so here it goes-


counter-terrorism team

terrorism team


The terrorism decides placement, where to hide the bomb, their men, etc

the counter decides where each member goes and on that each member gets a mission which they've got to complete. get it?

You guys have to dismantle the bomb within the given period and the screenshot will be proof.


Even the terror gets it

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