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[Xbox and some spoilers] Problems w/ kate


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If you didn't complete the story and don't want to know some things, don't read this topic! lol


Well, hello guys, I'm Brazilian, so my English may not be that good


I bought my Xbox and a GTA IV. So far so well. I've completed the story one or two weeks ago (nice way to do it, at Happiness Island lol) and, to do that, I chose "revenge" for the last Dimitri's mission. So, Kate has been dead at Roman's wedding. Now, she keeps calling Niko to set up a date, but she calls as a "Unknown Caller". Once, I accepted the date and it was as normal as it should be. Is that any way to fix this bug?


Thanks ;D

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I have seen other people mention this issue from time to time, I think some people had calls from Roman himself post mortem. Don't know what you could do about it, though.

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