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Unwanted resolution changing


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When I pause Grand Theft Auto IV, if I leave it some seconds, the resolution will adjust itself to look better. This is the advantage (because for example, subtitles look worse when the resolution is not adjusted, but when adjusted they look better) But here is the disadvantage: If I try to record (with Fraps, not Clip Capture) while the resolution is being adjusted, the game will crash because of D3D reset failure. Sometimes I need to show the viewers the settings I have in the game. Is there any way to prevent the resolution adjusting in the pause menu?


(P.S. even when the resolution is adjusted the resolution will keep adjusting even when it is already adjusted. The results are always the same, though.)

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maybe do a search for "fraps+resolution+changing"? good luck. i haven't seen this problem before, but i never record. most of the time, i play with clip capture turned off (even)

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I record a lot, and this has never happened to me. You can try to put -height yourreshere and -width yourreshere in a text-file you name commandline.txt and put in your main GTA IV folder to see if that locks your resolution.

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